Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Cousin the Renown Poet: Lisa Stonestreet

My cousin Lisa Stonestreet has written a poem and done a collaborative work with an artist seen here . I told Lisa the poem took me right back to the horrible anxieties suffered in fifth grade math where word problems never ever made sense to me! But her poem will make you think. On the link pay attention to her bio. She has been honored as a poet!!!


  1. this is great. i ordered her book. you have so many talented people in yr family.

  2. You do have a very talented family. How cool.

  3. Suki that is so cool. Let me know what you think. Many of her poems go way over my head. She is so SMART!!! LOL
    But so glad the heads up about Lisa's work got her a sale of her wonderful book.

    thanks Cris. LIsa's husband is a published artist/writer too. I"ve blogged about him before Erich Stonestreet.


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