Sunday, September 18, 2011

Grandkids Visit and New Baby Picture

 We picked the 7 yr olds up on Saturday after their soccer games...and brought them to our house. We had a busy afternoon and evening (but I'm showing Sunday photos first). Grand daughter said she wanted to make a quilt for her stuffed monkey, Mono; and grandson said he'd make one too for Blue Bear. They wanted to make them on the sewing machine.

First we went into the garage where all my fabrics are stored and they picked out "doggie patterned fabrics." GD's piece was perfectly sized she said to just fold in half and put "the soft stuff" (batting) in between; GS chose a cute dog fabric and a perfectly blended solid piece for his backing. They both were able to lay the fabric on the soft stuff and pin the three layers together for sewing.
 GS worked diligently sewing around the outside first; then using lines in the pattern to follow for quilting across in both directions. He even learned to thread the machine himself.
 They both quickly learned to use the buttons on the machine to go backyards to secure a finished line of stitches, to lift the foot off the fabric for turning; and to lift the needle when necessary. And both could reach the foot presser and found agreeable pressures for moving the fabric along.
 GD wearing dress up clothes shows off her finished quilt on which she hand sewed a gold ribbon bow of her choosing. (I did the bindings, but they tore the fabric for them. They could have sewn them too but they were getting tired.) GS was equally proud of his finished quilt and he sewed a button to each corner for embellishment by hand. They took a break to eat bread with mayonnaise  before lunch.
My son sent this photo today via email.
Our littlest grand baby girl just one month old...laying on the festival quilt I made this summer for her parents, and her of course! She has an audiology diagnostic test in the works...hoping for okay news.

Needless to say I was in grandma heaven all weekend long.


  1. I hope the results of the test will provide good news. The wait is always stressful. Still love that quilt.

  2. How great to have Grands the spectrum of ages. From young adults to infants. I am sure they keep you on your toes. So much more is sewn into those quilts. You and they are making such fond memories.

  3. aw that new baby is so sweet. hope all is well w/test.

    your grandkids are just so talented and how lovely that they love to make things and have you to mentor them along.

  4. Those quilts turned out so cutely! What a great project for them!!! Can't wait to hear about the babies hearing?????

  5. What a fun project the kids did. And they decided they wanted to do it. That is so cool that Aaron wants to sew too. What an adorable Grand Baby too. She is precious. I hope for good news on the hearing.


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