Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunday And the Grandkids Second Day with Us.

They got out the fabric checker board and set it up to play...
 On Sunday morning GD created her very own art retreat under the redwood trees!
 GS got in some great quality time with his beloved grand father.
 GD drew with waxy pastels.
 They both played around in the back yard enjoying the warm weather.

 I give them each a "Goodie Bag" filled with things to make and do from what I find at thrift stores
and garage sales. Here GS is cutting out a mask pattern he'll then transfer to a red paper plate
and cut out a mask for himself.
 At night they lay in the hammock again and looked at the stars as they came out. There's one, there's another!

In the morning we sat at the out side patio table for breakfast. And as we were eating our cereal and fruit my grand daughter turns to me and asks: "Grandma, do you believe in God?"
And the conversation went on from interesting to watch a 7 yr old wrap their mind around that one. ;-)


  1. How wonderful that your GD feels like she can talk to you about things that matter. I bet that was an interesting conversation.

  2. Your GK look like they are having such a good time with you, I feel quite envious of those Goodie bags...

  3. I love your GDs Retreat. How fun is that. and I love how your GS brought his new checker board over to play with. What a fun weekend you all had.

  4. How delightful these pics are, and GD looks like you nowadays. What sheer fun and pleasure this must have been for you. You Go Gran!

  5. How awesome, sharing in the wonder of a child's mind.
    Treasured moments!

  6. What a lovely family! Priceless photos!

  7. What precious memories you are creating.


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