Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stacks and Stacks and Stacks

 Seth Apter on his blog, The Altered Page,  asked for artists to share their "stacks" with his blog followers.
My first photo is a drawing I did of the stacks of books and magazines and other "stuff" that gets stacked on top of our coffee table; and underneath it as well.
and below: you see the real McCoy!
 A different day with some of the same books and some moved around...since my husband and I share this space some of what you see is his and some is mine. (that's his baseball cap, for instance!)

 This is "my end table"...and those are all my books and magazines stacked on the bottom shelf. They are a combination of mixed media, fiber art, watercolor and knitting magazines and books.
 Here I have drawn what is currently on top of the end table: plastic boxes of artist pens, beads, & buttons; books and more magazines...and my sketchbooks and painting art journals.

and here is a photo of the same stuff.
 We bought this new coffee table early in the summer to replace a much smaller one thinking the bottom shelf would give us more room for our stacks and thus make the top of the table look neater.
Didn't happen. As we just keep adding more stuff to the stuff on top after shoving more of the top stuff to the bottom shelf.
 And one more area of stuff next to my chair is where I stack my box of embroidery floss on top of books which are on top of knitting yarn in two baskets and painting supplies in a third.
These are our "stacks" in just one room of the house and I did NOT show several more of my husbands stacks by his chair which tend to roll over onto the floor in that area. We are nothing if not well read!

To see more STACKS visit Seth Apter's Blog where he will guide you to the blogs of other STACKERS!!!

And for all of you who participate in
Animal Wednesday with me
see Henry V
looking for his prey
hoping to add
one more
to his
he started


  1. I call my chair area with all the stacks of "stuff" my "Nest". It is good to see that I am not the only person that has a nesting area/stacks around her chair.

  2. oh boy - have I got stacks! too embarrasing to show really.

    but I love the idea of Henry having a rat/mouse stack. that's hysterical!

    Happy Animal Wednesday Henry - hope you get a mouse today

  3. Drawings of the stacks. How clever and creative. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art and photos of the real thing!

  4. Are you guys hoarders? :) You really do have lots of stacks! I guess it gives you ample material to rummage through when you are just sitting around. It looks like a cozy nest, as Lisa said.

  5. No, KatieJane, we are not horders, we are COLLECTORS of wonderful stuff (books, magazines, papers, and art supplies) that enrich our lives!

    Lisa, love your nest concept!

    Mim, do not be embarrased, embrace your stacks! They show you are filling your mind with exciting thngs.

    Seth, thanks for doing the Stacks collarative!

  6. This looks normal. I would say this looks like INTERESTING people live here. I have stacks too. What ever is going on at the moment and if I put it away then I wouldnt read or do. Out of sight out of mind is the saying. So dont apologize for your interests. . Love your drawings.

  7. You are my new best friend, Lynn! We even have the same styled coffee table! And I love you drawings! ♥

  8. love your mission style furniture even more when it is filled with all your treasures! wonderful pages and drawings! what fun!

  9. Oh wow your stacks are fabulous...your tables look like mine...! of course we have our stacks on display for the world..!yours a a real treat to see..!

  10. You should know by now if there is a flat empty surface (just like a table ) Someone will put things onto it and thats how stacks start. It happens all the time here. Can you send Henry here for a few days as we saw a rat in the courtyard yesterday. Maybe he could make a stack here too.

  11. Its nice to see how others work, so glad you shared this with such an interesting post. I feel that perhaps my posts are getting a little too...well, I dont know what to call them, may be I should admit it and say 'boring' and predictable...hey ho, but I dont know how others see it. Incidentially I have done a quick sketch of Henry V (could I ask, would it be okay to put it on my blog -of course, mentioning your blogsite)....ann.

  12. I LOVE that you drew your stacks as well as photographed them! yup, I think stacks are pretty normal for's all possible art material!

  13. great images-love the "bigger table" theory :) we had an iguana at one time-and read they adapt to their environment as far as size-i say we do the same thing w/our "stuff" :)

  14. Looks pretty normal to me too,,,although sometimes it makes me crazy!
    Not MY stacks, of course,,,,just his!

  15. Those painted stacks are the best! They don't take so much space and they look great;)
    My stacks here make me nervous sometimes.......
    That Henry!
    I saved a hoot last night out of Sjimmie's claws......
    I don't know where he keeps his stack but I guess I don't want to see it.

    Have a nice day Lynn♥

  16. I love your sketchbook drawings....what a great way to participate in the collaboration!

  17. Wonderful stacks. Lovely sketches too, they look so different in a line drawing, awesome

  18. I love it that you drew stacks - how original! I only wish my (real) stacks were as organized as yours:)

  19. Wonderful stacks! Very cool indeed!!

  20. Your stacks are so orderly ... it's great having things handy like that!

    trying to erase a stack of rats from my mind LOL

    Stack On!

  21. You have just inspired me. Love the drawings!

  22. Wonderful sketches Lynn! I couldn't even begon to show my stacks since I've started working. Oh my, I'm buried alive!

    LOVE the pic of henry V ;)

  23. I love that you sketched your stacks, and then showed us the real thing...clever idea!

  24. Gotta admit, I like the idea of painting your stacks. They certainly grow and you document the movement well with your drawings. Sorry I'm late arriving here. In fact, I thought I came as soon as I saw your post on my sidebar. But maybe I was just waiting for Henry to add more to his stack (grin).

  25. Still trying to see all the stacks out there, your sketches are fantastic. What an interpretation! xox Corrine

  26. drawings of stacks! now that's original :)

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