Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Blessings, Beauty, And His Highness Himself!

On Monday as I left our painting session at Karen's house this Praying Mantis was waiting on my windshield of my car for me.
S/He felt like a significant symbol of our early morning Plein Air painting session.
A gift of sorts emphasising the blessings that were bestowed on me that lovely lovely morning.
Friendship, Peacefulness of Painting, Beauty of Nature.
He flew away before I got out of the driveway...
safely back into the courtyard I hoped
where Karen would see him too.

Last Friday when my two grand kids and I walked down & down and back up a long long hill
(my calves ached for three days afterwards)
we counted spiders and the beautiful webs they wove
along the way.

 I hope you can overcome any fear of them you may have to appreciate the beauty of their art work.
At home King Henry V reigns supreme!
And joins me in wishing you a
very very


  1. What a wonderful look at some of Mother Natures animals. Spiders are more evident this time of year as they hurridly spin and mate for the following generation. Henry does reign supreme. HAW.

  2. That's some good photos of nature, capped off by a sweet looking pet! HAW to you!

  3. wonderful beasts, wonderful pictures, and congratulations to you and your family for the new soul:) love and hugs, Andrea

  4. Wonderful Mantis Picture! The spiders are bountiful this year much to my chagrin! Happy Animal Wednesday!

  5. OK I came to came to comment but I had to close my eyes to get past the spiders.. grin. Had to see The King.. :)) Hes adorable as usual. :))

  6. I love the praying mantis - run terrified from the spiders and love that Henry. What a picture! it's like he knows that he is being photographed.

    I thought of Henry when I saw the opera last week which was about Ann Bolyn and of course, Henry the VIII. he wasn't half as spectacular as your Henry tho

  7. Such an uplifting post,Lynn on the beauty of nature and how significant even the small things are...and we should take time out to enjoy these tiny matters as well...I call it the simple pleasures of life:)

  8. Great shot of that praying mantis! Wow
    Yes in Holland it is spider time as well.......
    And Henry V is true Royalty

    HAppy Animal Wednesday!

  9. Henry is looking as regal as ever there! The insect pics are great - can see you're having fun with that camera of yours!!

  10. Henry indeed looks royal. I like the hot of the silhouetted spider----black against white,

  11. You are right! It does look like the same cat!
    And I like your pictures of the spiders.


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