Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday's Painting Day

Monday I went to paint Plein Air with friend, Karen Lee.
We met at her home for a morning repast of fresh melon from the farmers market, homemade cottage cheese, honey that her husband gets from his bees, and wonderful tea. After which  we went out to the court yard where she lives and I chose this scene to paint. But I didn't use regular paints.

I used my set of Tom Bow Brushes that look like marking pens with one end  fine tipped and the other pointed and thick almost like a brush but not a brush. Continuing something learned Sunday in the art class I took from Terry Banderas. Only this time I used two shades of brown and orange and green; after wards going over it with a water filled paint brush to bleed the color across the page. I followed up with brown and black ink pen for more detail.

I am still struggling to learn how to make water look like water. There was a slight breeze that made the water look like beads and sending it in criss-cross directions down and off the fountain.

These are the Tom Bows. I got the set at Michael's and the black one in Davis at the
art supply store. They had tons of colors there too.

After painting (we were there from 9 a.m. till 12:30!) I ran some errands and then came home. I am reading this book:

It's by the same guy who wrote "The Wire" a TV series that was excellently acted about the same Corner and drug life in Baltimore. The book is non-fiction. It's hard to say I am enjoying it as it's a desperate life; but interesting to learn about.


  1. Your drawing is quite good Lynn. I like the composition. There is a lot happening. Your book would be sad to me. It is awful the way some people have to live.

  2. Loved the flowery bush and the tree...Loved ur Tom Bow brushes as well. Fine!

  3. Sounds so nice to visit a friend, enjoy good food and also get to do some painting...lucky you, and your painting is great. Water is very difficult to capture in a painting (surprisingly so considering our use of Water-colour!...LOL) and you have captured it really well.

  4. sounds like a lovely day! home made cottage cheese? I can only imagine. thanks for showing the watercolor pens. never heard of them.

    by the by i recently bought some bamboo knitting needles and like them a lot.

  5. Wow.. what rich colors these brushes/pens are. This is lovely. Sounds like a fun morning with an Artsy Friend.

  6. Sounds fun! That's a really good painting, especially using those Tom Bow. I love the painting in the previous painting...beautiful, fiery color!

  7. Who knew that your Tom Bow brushes could be used like watercolors!!! Thanks for the inspiration, Lynn! Your piece is beautiful, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the previous post. Good for you for going all by yourself. And I love your new name for the GPS!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  8. I love my Tom Bows...have a ton of colors to play with for comics. and also love your painting. Not sure how to do water myself...but keep working at it

  9. These are interesting brushes/pens. I may have to look them up as I have not heard of them before. Your painting is a nice rendition of your morning in the garden.


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