Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Ink and Watercolor Class with Terry Banderas in Lincoln, CA

This is my first painting of the day.
"Ablaze With Color"

On Sunday I used my new trusty GPS (Get People There Safely) device to find my way to Lincoln, CA., a drive of an hour and ten minutes from my home. Not being a reader of maps or directions well, and having been self assigned dependant on DH to transport me most places of any distance for the past 33 years I was down right proud of myself for landing on time at this class!

The theme was "Country Color"...and we used artist masking tape to 'mask out' our trees before applying paint to paper.
This is my second painting of the day.
"Tree of Magic"

Below is my table space just starting out cutting and applying blue tape to 140 lb wt watercolor paper
(9" X 12")

Interesting story behind how I found this teacher and class: Katie Jane who lives in Ohio and visits my blog and me hers told me about him when she saw me posting my ink and watercolor paintings. She said I might find him interesting, as he did similar art work. So of course I Googled his blog and website. When I discovered he was only an hour away from me and taught classes I emailed him to join his class. It was full, but then someone dropped out and I got that spot!

Terry Banderas is a very personable guy, easy going, and it was easy and pleasant to learn from him.
 I also met a ten or eleven other very nice and accomplished artists there.

 Below is Terry's piece in progress... After we laid down the trees in blue tape we laid a lemon yellow wash of paint over them all. And then added Alzerian red and a bit of blue and green and purple. (or other colors of our choosing). Once the paint was dry we lifted off the blue tape.

We used black Tom Bow pen that works as a paint if drawn on and then painted over further with a wet water only paint brush. Leaving the dark outerside of the tree and a grey inner part.

We then used our black ultra fine Sharpie permanent markers and/or other black pens to outline the trees further. You can see Terry's use of each stage in this picture.

 Here I am using a Brown Pitt artist's pen on my brown tree. I drew it from one outside the window I was looking out of (behind where Terry was sitting). He pointed out that this was an ever green tree and would not have fall color; but me often the rebel said I'd put a forest of fall color trees behind it and/or call it my "magical tree".
 and that I did!

All the women there turned out beautiful fall scenes as well. It was a fun day that included breakfast pastries and a nice sit down lunch served at a table behind these where we worked. The room had it's own sink. The ambiance was perfect.

Thank you Katie Jane for telling me about Terry Banderas. You can see more of his work on his blog by clicking on his name.

And thanks Terry Banderas for having such a fun class. I will sign up for more of these in the future.


  1. Looks like an enjoyable workshop! Love the vibrant colours in your work now!

  2. How on earth did Katie Jane know about Terry? One never knows where they will be seen. You did a wonderful job on both paintings. Looks like lots of fun was had by all. Look forward to what you do with all this new knowledge. It always shows up right away.

  3. It's great having blogging friends that give us great tips, isn't it?
    What a perfect class for you and looks like an all-around perfect day.
    Love your color choice.

  4. Your paintings are fabulous!! So full of confidence and color. I laugh at how you found this workshop. Small world of kind friends.

  5. It is amazing how people connect through the internet. Your class looks like a lot of fun. You appear to be learning lots too. Beautiful paintings.

  6. Lynn, I am so envious of you!!! How I would love to have been there too. I'm so glad you went and I love the work you produced. I'm sure you learned a lot, as I learn just by studying his blog.
    I'll look forward to seeing more of his technique.

  7. I clicked my comment before I had read all the others. I learned about Terry a couple of years ago when surfing the internet for watercolor artists. I really connected to his style of painting. I try to gather as much inspiration and education from any and all artists that I can. I'm glad you liked him too.

  8. Lucky You, Lynn!!!!! That's such FUN!!!! WOW! What great colours and what beautiful paintings!!! Your artworks are out of this world...truly magical:)
    Love Terry's work...
    Thank you for sharing:)

  9. Very cool to have found out about a class so close to you and with a teacher that has a similar style ! Love your pieces.
    Have a great week !

  10. That looks like a wonderful workshop! And I like the results.

  11. Thank you all for coming by and leaving a comment today. I so appreciate them all.

  12. Wow Lynn, these are my favorites of all your paintings.

  13. I love the colors, and the effects created ....really beautiful work. Saw some of your other work on twenty minute challenge.

  14. what a great technique. I never would have thought of that. Your paintings are fantastic Lynn.

  15. Lynn--

    For some reason I missed this beautiful post of yours. What a nice post describing your trip to my La Provence class. I knew you took photos but not this many. Your story was great. Thank you for all of your kind comments. I hope you are well.


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