Saturday, October 15, 2011

Arty Fun With Grandkids Make My Day!

We spent the morning making art on the outside patio in the newly built Sukka. GS made a sign to welcome the guests who would be coming to dinner that evening where we'd eat in the outdoor Sukka (open roofed hut for harvest festival  holiday of Sukkot that evening).

My grand daughter loved making cards for all fall holidays.

 Here you see them hard at work on their card, sign, and collage making endeavors!

 We took a break later in the morning and walked a long ways down hill to get bagels and cream cheese and juice.
 On the way we found a house that had nine different spiders weaving their webs...
 We found beautiful patterns, some that could be quilt like, every where we looked.
 And it pays to look, as GS found a $20 bill laying on the sidewalk (no one around to return it too) which paid for our goodies!

Then we hiked home back UP the hill!!!!
 Back at the house we did some baking. I regret to say I cannot recall whose blog I found the recipe on, but we made delightful individual cakes in a cup that baked in the microwave for 2 minutes each.
 the one on the right rose just fine (in a smaller cup it would have flowered over the top looking like a muffin)...the one on the left did not rise at all and I think it's because I threw the left over more than recommended chocolate into the mix. But it still tasted good.
 Then we went back to making more things.
 My grand son who loves science made a whole space station. This is his largest rocket ship.
 Grand daughter who still loves drawing people and clothing set out to do just that.
 GS with a part of his space station (and a quick sketch I did of him)
 That evening they had friends over for dinner and we ate outdoors in the Sukka. The children shook the lulav and ezrog and the dad chanted the blessings and my grandson drummed. We all celebrated the fall harvest!
The food was delicious: chicken baked in olives and herbs, lentils and rice with caramelized onions and prunes; salad and green beans. Dessert was a light rich honey cake. I went home full in tummy and heart!
To learn more about Sukkah use this link.
Color me happy.


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful day, plus evening...that food sounds totally yummy.

  2. I don't understand anything about your celebration but it looks pretty. It's nice to see everyone enjoying themselves and it's great that your grandchildren enjoy making art as much as you do.

  3. I liked everything but the Spiders.. yuck.. lol.. The Grand kids are growing like a weed. Looks like you had lots of fun. They are very creative.

  4. i would think you would indeed be gloriously happy, lucky you....very sweet post!

  5. such a lovely day with your grandkids and a lovely evening celebration. the lentils and rice etc sound delicious. blessings to you and your family, suki

  6. Lynn, your blog is a delight - I just can't keep up with you! Am going to see what you posted below now! x

  7. What a perfect day was had by all. Love the simplicity of your succah. My brother also has one. (I will send you the pattern of the teddy's brown jumper by e mail)


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