Thursday, October 27, 2011

Art by Lynn While Traveling To and From Portland, Oregon

While I was in Portland I did some drawings.
This top one was inspired by a photo I saw on Rosemary's blog here.  You'll see a lot of beauty on her blog. You may have to scroll down a few posts to find the picture she took at a farmers market. I used black ink, my Tom Bow pens and water brush and a black calligraphy pen.

This next one I did at the air port on my way out of town. These guys posed so nicely for me.

 And this group of women got my attention too.
 This gal was sitting right across from me, but I don't think she ever caught on that I was drawing her.
 My son said I did not exactly capture his wife's beauty, and he is right, but I think I got the pose of nursing pretty well. Again I used Tom Bow pens and water brush on this and the ones to follow, plus black ink.
 Nor does this really look like my son, but still a sort of close rendition??? Maybe? Oops, I added an extra finger on the clicker. Well, you know MEN and their remote controls!
 Finally at the airport going home while waiting for my shuttle ride I liked this pot full of colorful leaves...and one woman sitting behind it. I really could not see anymore of her than her head as seen here.
It was such a good trip and visit. I've got tickets to return in December already! I think I'll be going a lot.
I really like painting with these Tom Bow brushes.
No mess no fuss and instant color and blending.
By using a water brush I can squeeze a little water forward and clean it off on a blank page
 before adding the next color!
(So all you pack is a sketch pad, ink pen, Tom Bows, and a water brush!)
How easy is that?!!!!


  1. Love all of these Lynn, esp the watermelon.

    Lovely one of your dil nursing your granddaughter!

  2. Nice drawings. You might not have caught your DIL's outer beauty but the inner beauty of a Mother feeding her child is there. I don'tknow her but I think the picture shows her beautifully. That extra finger on the remote...well it is Halloween time. Great memory pictures. I haven't tried tombow (?) brushes. I will have to look into them.

  3. I am googling Tom Bows Brushes as soon as I am through commenting! Great job and thanks for the shout out. Love them all!

  4. i love pictures of mother's and their children/babies. your first painting is great, love the red and green colors. you are journaling your life in pen and ink and paint.

  5. Whole lotta sketching going on here! Looking good.
    Belated Congrats on the new baby.

  6. I love your watermellon painting. I see you got a shout out on her blog too. All the rest is great too. No it doesnt look just like your DIL but drawing isnt always about reality its also about emotions and feelings so you did great.

  7. Easy peasy and great sketches

  8. I love them all! Sometimes when you draw someone and it looks exactly like the person it can be boring. Your work has feeling to it, wonderful! Glad you had a happy trip!

  9. Great sketches and your sons extra thumb!!!

  10. Wow! such a lot of drawings, and all so well done. I'm guessing you are getting well into painting now Lynn...and so glad you had such a good trip to Portland.

  11. Lynn, it's great to see how confident you are growing with your art!


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