Friday, October 28, 2011

Today Karen and I Drove Out to the ...

Suisun Valley Pumpkin Patch
in the early morning and drew and painted!
I chose to make Halloween cards for my grand kids and turned out three:
this metal sculpture by local artist Phillip Glasoff was just begging
to be drawn and painted for my dancing grand daughter!
 I thought this guy (whose face I added with artistic license after drawing and painting the gourds sitting atop the barrel) was perfect for my grand son.
 Not sure who will get this card. I painted directly on card stock but if anyone wants/needs Halloween cards I could get these copied on card stock quickly...just say the word.

I used graphite pencil; black and brown artist Pitt pens; watercolors; and some Tom Bow brushes.
 We took a break and went to lunch which I'll post about on another day as there was scrumptious art to see where we ate...then we returned to the pumpkin patch around four pm and painted some more. This time I did this wild woman metal sculpture (also one of Glasoffs art) and all these gourds and pumpkins. This could be a saleable card too.
I really enjoyed all the little kids in costume who came up to ogle the art making. I hope I inspired them all to go home and draw their own pictures!
 Karen worked in another part of the patch with her oil paints and easel. She turned out one painting in the morning and the other in the afternoon. She said they are not quite finished yet. But aren't they grand already?! I think so!

 We had such a fun day. Lots of laughs...I have to say with all that art time I got a little giddy!
What are you doing to get ready for Halloween?


  1. These are all great cards, well done!
    I love your look of Giddy,,,so fun!

    PS: I hope you're going to do a post about those sculptures you mention. Knowing I'm gonna love them, without even seeing them.

  2. Love what you did. You are growing by leaps and bounds in your painting and drawing. Loved the last photo of you and Wish we could see Karens paintings done. They look promising.

  3. iI absolutely love your sense of whimsy! you have no fear and just go for it! I can tell! Thinking of picking up that brush soon, once again thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Excellent day all around!
    Hope you have a great Halloween...

  5. Lynn your fab pumpkin paintings are such fun! So full of zesty colour! Karen's paintings are looking good too - will we see them finished?

  6. You had another successful day painting plein air. The kids will love their cards.

  7. These are such wonderful cards, what a blessing and keepsake for your grandchildren! I think my favorite is the pumpkin patch one, but they are all wonderful. Sounds like a great time. Karen's paintings are obviously going to turn out fabulous.

  8. sounds like a fun day - we are sitting home in a SNOWStoRM!!!!

  9. Great Cards...loved the metal woman card the most. It must be nice to spend sometime like this- painting with a friend:)


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