Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday Was A Busy Day

I spent the morning running errands and shopping!
With a clutch of coupons from Michael's and a mission I set out to find specific stuff.
I was NOT expecting to find this gold mine of brand new never used wool French yarn in a jar
at the thrift store (well over $100 worth/I Googled it) for $7.50! There are 75 skeins!
I can see it used on knit sweaters, hats, scarves and fabric art quilts equally.
 Then I came across this set of watercolor paint brushes at Michael's so one coupon went for buying them at half the cost. You squeeze the base pushing paint up into the brush. Vibrant colors explode on paper! Another amazing way to paint!
 My purpose for going to  the thrift store was to buy three large sized men's T-shirts. Two black and one gray.($2 each) I came home and cut them into long 70" strips sewing pieces together to get that length. And in graduated widths of 9", 7" and 5". I layered them from smallest down to largest and sewed them together. Then...
 I cut them like this on both sides of the sewn line in the middle. I found this "pattern" in my Spring 2011 GreenCraft magazine from Somerset Studio. It will make a very funky scarf for my 18 yr old grand daughter for Chanukah. It's in the washing machine now. I will show you how it turned out in another post.
 Then last night DH and I had a DATE NIGHT OUT. Felt like it had been a while. We drove to Winters, CA where we ate out at the Mexican Restaurant on the corner. I had a huge Fajita plate of  sauteed chicken , onions,  green and red peppers, with rice and beans. DH had a huge pork burrito. It was all delicious.

From there we mosied up the street to The Palms Playhouse. Where we had tickets waiting for us to see and hear Tom Russell. You can follow this link to learn more about Tom's career.
 It was a full house in Winters! It's great that this tiny town brings in big name entertainers for us to enjoy.
 Russell is a a great showman who can tell a good story, crack jokes with the audience, and sing the fantastic songs he writes himself. He has written for movies and for many famous singers whose names you all know well. His accompanist, Thad Beckman played that guitar like crazy! Wow! An amazing evening!
Came home to bed, happy and was a good day.


  1. hi lynn, that's a gorgeous jar of yarns, i'd be tempted to put it somewhere just to look at if i didn't want to use it! lucky granddaughter you have....sounds like a lovely time and i am so the stuff and being GF, it's a no-no. :(

  2. Oh yes.. I would leave that jar out to look at too. Such lovely colors in there. You find the best deals. Your GD is going to love that gift when done like all your other ones.. Will be nice for the cold winter. Looks like lots of fun out with hour Hubby last night too.

  3. You did enough yesterday to fill an entire weekend. I hope you get some rest today. Your night out sounds absolutely marvelous.

  4. You have such interesting thrift stores. I think we only have one here (that I know of).

  5. this sounds like the most perfect day, from start to finish. the yarn jar bargain was enough all by itself!

    i'me fascinated by the scarf to be. nice lynn


  6. Good finds, Lynn!!! I know you love all that yarn you found! WOWZERS! Glad you had a nice evening out with your hubby! Can't wait to see the finished scarf...interesting technique!!!

  7. What a great jar of yarn. Glad you had such a good evening out, it's so nice to see live entertainment.

  8. Wow, you did score on Saturday!!! Isn't it the best feeling when you find such a bargain? That scarf sounds lovely and unique, look forward to seeing it. Sounds like a fantastic night out, good for you.

  9. That scarf looks wonderful, and I bet it's cozy and comfortable on the neck.

    sounds like a lovely day. much better than spending the day preparing for a snowstorm!!

  10. What a great find! I really want a set of the watercolor brushes - I need to print my Michaels coupon and go get some I guess. So happy you and DH got to have a lovely time out - my sweetie hates to go out and I do miss that sometimes.

  11. Such great finds!
    You are always so good and lucky at this!
    Those brushes seem like fun!

    Happy Halloween♥


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