Monday, October 31, 2011

Second Plein Air Painting Day at the Pumpkin Patch And My Scarf~~

This morning Karen picked me up at 8:30 and we headed back to the Suisun Valley Pumpkin Patch.
We had a beautiful sunny warm day in which to get out our paints and get to work.
I asked Karen if she'd mind modeling the scarf I made this weekend so you could see how it turned out.
Here it is draped around twice with the long ends hanging down the back.
 Remember it is made from recycled T-shirts. The cotton ones curl up the best when washed and dried.
 I think Karen is making quite the fashion statement, don't you?
 She chose a group of red pumpkins to paint in oils and here she begins...
 and this is her painting as far as she took it today. She said it needs a little more work.
But isn't it stunning!
 I chose this wonderful metal sculpture of a scarecrow, by Phillip Glasoff to draw and paint.
 And here he is again in my watercolors and ink today.
 I had some time left so I quickly sketched and splashed some paint on these pumpkins below!

I gave the owner a card of thanks of one of the drawings I did on Friday of his Pumpkin Patch, and asked if he might be interested in selling some of my cards there next year. He said: "Sure!"

 In the early morning we decided to take a walk around the vineyards and I snapped a few photos to share with you here.

I hope your morning went as well as mine did!
I came home with a few squash to cook and some decorative corn.
Happy Halloween!


  1. Beautiful pictures, Lynn, and I like both paintings, Karen's and yours. The scarf is gorgeous! I was surprised to still see grapes on the vines - here, everything seems to be harvested by now.

  2. The scarf is amazing, unless you said, I would never have thought it had been shirts! - very creative of you. Love the paintings, both yours and Karen's, such different styles, but with their own character. You are brave asking the owner of the Pumpkin Patch if he will sell cards next year..good for you, I'm sure they will be a great success.

  3. The scarf is terrific. Your model is a good painter. :) So are you of course. I love the work you are doing on your artist dates. No grapes here now. Everything is about frosted away. Even the pumpkins are no longer in the fields.

  4. You have found the perfect model for your creations. :)) Its so cute. Your GD is going to love it. Love the paintings you did and the beginning of Karens painting too. I think they are still harvesting grapes here. They matured way slower then they usually do this year I read in the newspaper the other night. Glad you are having fun with all this plein air painting.

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  6. Love the scarf Lynn, it looks wonderful!

    What a great idea to find a pumpkin patch to paint in. Both paintings are gorgeous!

    The grapes look luscious!

  7. The scarf turned out so well !!
    Sounds like an awesome weekend !

  8. Your paintings are wonderful! Love the scarf too!

  9. Awesome post Lynn! Love your sense of whimsy!

  10. this looks like such a fun day!! and the scarf you made is so cute, and I bet it is warm too. you are fortunate to have a friend to join you on art excursions!

  11. the scarf looks just right for halloween somehow. cool idea. love Karen's painting and yours too. you guys sure have fun.

  12. I have to say that ever since you started with your plain air painting projects I have so wanted to have a go at that too. I may have to wait until spring though :( .... But photographs work also!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. First i really love the scarf....I just love seeing you outside with brush in hand putting what you see on beautiful.
    Yes, the collage i made was pretty sick...But I was in a Lizzie borden mood!!! Happy Fall Dear Friend, Mary

  14. What a colourful post! Love the way the scarf turned out. You are so creative - always something fab on the go!


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