Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm In Calistoga!

The plan is that I drive in early on Friday (today) say around nine a.m. and get there around 10:30 to register; get my pages stamped (to prove I have not secretly painted ahead of time at home); get my packet of maps and sites to draw and paint; then drive around to find what I want to choose as my first painting subject.

Settle in. Relax. Get into the ZONE!

Draw. Paint. Ink.

Take a break for lunch.

At three o'clock I will check into my "Hideaway Cottage". It's really cute. Has a living area, kitchenette, separate bedroom and full bathroom. It will be cozy and I will be comfy there.

Probably find a place to eat dinner out. I don't cook at home, why should I cook on this retreat?

Get a good nights sleep in the Cottage!

Get up on Saturday morning.

Find another something to draw, paint and ink.

Hang out till 5 PM when I can turn in my paintings. Get them sanctioned/blessed whatever they have to do to them so I can then frame them, so they can hang them.  Drive home.

On Sunday I will get up early, drive back to Calistoga for the results of the judging/awards at 1 p.m....see the show of every one's art, hang out there till 4 or 5 PM when I can pick  up my art and come home.
Hopefully feeling satisfied for a job well done and accomplishing overcoming any anxiety about doing this Plien Air Paint Out.

Pray for sunshine. Or at least a let up in the rain!


  1. wowsie. sounds amazing and what fun to stay in a little cabin. have a blast.

  2. You are going to have a ball. Looking forward to the outcome.

  3. Sounds fun. Have a great time and paint your heart out!

  4. Have fun...that cottage sounds wonderful...I can only imagine staying there all alone...devine!!!

  5. cant wait to see what you've done - i bet it's gorgeous

  6. Wow, this sounds so inspiring an fun! I hope the creative juices flow!
    Thank You for your visit to my blog, I am pleased to *meet* you!

  7. Thank you all for your support. It really helped me do this weekend!
    And stick it out!!!! ;-)))

  8. Wow Lynn! I love how you put yourself out there for these challenges! You have grown immensely :) Good luck!


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