Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Heater, New Painting

On Monday a crew came out to replace our 22 year old heating unit.
We got this spanking sparkling new one, which the guy said should last longer than the last one and perhaps my lifetime. So that left me feeling assured that I would live at least to be 92!
 Our neighbor, Dave, said we should ask for this part, that lets you see debris that might possibly clog the unit and cause a disaster of condensation that we found when we realized our old heater was no longer working as it should have been.  That was the day I found all my art mats soaking wet on the floor leaning up against the heater that was dripping water all around it. But I digress. This PART is supposed to be IMPORTANT. However, the guy who installed it said: "You will probably never need to use this." WE apparently bought SUCH a good unit that it will NEVER clog up or need repairs EVER! I hope I did not pay $600 for that part alone!
 Since the Heater Guys were going to be IN MY HOUSE and IN MY GARAGE all day long I decided to go outside and plein air paint MY OWN HOUSE! Granted it is NOT a Victorian. It is rather boring after painting two beautiful is all points and angles...but I think I got it fairly right for the most part. Please notice the mazzuzah on the front door! And the blooming Morning Glories on the rosemary plant by the garage door. And the neatly trimmed tea rose plant by the front window and doorway. Now you know where to find me.

I tried signing up for a watercolor class by Terry Banderas in Roseville, CA. Katie Jane told me about him. Apparently she has been following him for years on line on his blog. And I come to find out that he lives an  hour or so away from me. And he paints in the style I like: Watercolors and Ink!
But his class is full. I have to be put on a waiting list. I hate to wish someone can't make the class so I can, but we'll see. If not this one another one another time.

One more day till the PAINT OUT in Calistoga!


  1. Should I do this when they come to replace all of our windows?? :)
    Probably not--it's going to be a few weeks and it's going to be cold--so I'll jus go shopping :)
    P.S. Great looking house you live in!

  2. Your house is interseting too Lynn. It has nice windows and angles which you have depicted very nice. I like the landscaping too. It is very welcoming.

  3. I would for sure recognize your home from this drawing. Bravo. Good job. We have the heater man coming to do a tune up on our Heater next week and put out AC to bed so to speak. We get this done yearly or at least every other year. One year they found something that needed replacing that could have cause mold to go through out the system. I guess we get our cars and bodies tuned up so we should do our heating and cooling systems. :) Nice they let you know you will live to be at least 92. lol

  4. Better you should have something happen now then in the middle of winter!!! Don't you just HATE it when you spend so much money and have nothing pretty (or art supplies) to show for it?!?!? ((Sigh!!)) Love your watercolor, and I hope that just maybe, an opening to your class opens for you soon! Hugs, Terri xoxo


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