Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I know he LOOKS innocent...

Here's Henry V
looking all innocent, as if he is either going to help me with my knitting (new sweater for grandson)
or watch TV, not sure which....
But on Saturday last,
he was not napping, knitting or surfing the channels!

He brought a live mouse into the house
and I was screaming too loud at DH
to come help
so did not have it together to take a photos
of either the cute mouse
Mr. H.
Instead, mouse escaped...
Henry ran after...
Thank goodness Henry Caught Mouse
and took him outside
I do not wish
to know what happened

Happy Animal Wednesday

This is NOT HENRY!!!
This is the cat that lived at the ESTATE I painted last Saturday! (the gingerbread Victorian #2 a few posts back.)
Don't they look like brothers though?


  1. Cats are supposed to catch mice- so I think Henry is awfully clever! HAW

  2. oh that Henry! poor mousie but it's all natural isn't it??

  3. Way to go Henry. Just don't bring your treasure into the house again. HAW.

  4. when i lived at 217 my cat Chocolat was always bringing in mice, chipmunks, baby rabbits and once a garter snake. kept things lively and i had no DH to help with the removal.

  5. A mouse in the house.. yuck. I have had lizards in my house with a cat chasing it and then a body running around with no tail. UGH. Glad he knew to take it back outside. They do like to bring their favorite people presents. Consider yourself honored. :))

  6. They do look like family. Where did you get Henry? Perhaps they are related! I don't think I'd like a mouse in the house either - it would freak me out just a little.

  7. Henry, what a good mouser, just don't bring them in the house. I know this game all too well, my Max eats the mouse whole! That cat does look like Henry's brother. Kisses Henry. xoxo

  8. I love it when cats are real cats!
    Well all cats are of course but you know what I mean. Like Sjimmie. My Minoes is more like a sweet Muppet.

    You go Henry!
    And happy for you he took him outside, that is always my job here in the house.


  9. Poor Henry probably wondered what all the fuss was about! I'd have been fussing right along with you!!! Glad he took his treasure back outside.

  10. My cat, Baby, (who looks like Henry's brother or close cousin) brings rats to our front door all the time as gifts! really hate to think about what happens outside with these creatures, don't you? Don't want to know, is right!!! YUCK!

    Henry, you sure are cute!!!

  11. he's a real mouser, for sure!

    My husband went to get a new bar of soap out of our bathroom drawer yesterday and the box AND bar of soap were have eaten by something!!!!! Oh my, perhaps we need Henry here because our cat is NOT a mouser :)

    Somewhere around here there is a tiny mouse blowing bubbles!


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