Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Fall...An Art Sunday in Winters

I sat by this huge palm tree on Saturday while painting that was nature-decorated in fall leaves...bringing in the season.

 I joined Karen Lee for a Sunday Art Group in Winters, CA. a small town about 15 miles from where we live. A parcel of twenty somethings, art students, led a very supportive, welcoming group to share our art with each other and to make some art as well.
 I made these cute little see through stones choosing words from magazines that popped out as meaningful to me. "Smile"..."Make time to walk"..."Art" .... and... "I will never forget".

At first I wasn't sure why I chose that last one. Then I realized it was perfect for my great fear of getting dementia like my mother, aunts and grandmother. So I will hold that one close to my heart, and hope the dementia skips me thank you very much.

After I got home, I remembered something else; On Holocaust Remembrance Day we say "I will never forget!" So it has a double meaning for me. I WILL NEVER FORGET! I WILL NEVER FORGET!
 Winters is holding a scarecrow contest and very cleverly and artfully made scarecrows sat in front of stores, like this yarn shop, in windows and outside of banks and garden supply stores.

 Karen and I looked at them all...We also looked UP a lot getting ideas for more things that said "Paint Me! Draw Me!"

 Karen liked these colors and I could see her putting them on her next palette of oils.
We both liked the Queen of Nuts below:
  I thought these wheel barrels would make a great painting...
and in fact the whole street just said come here to paint next please!


  1. sounds like you had a really fun weekend. doing what you love.

  2. This town looks like you will never run out of things to draw and paint. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday. one you will never forget. :))

  3. A nice & arty way to spend a day:)
    Those see thru stones are absolutely fab,Lynn:)

  4. A good way to spend a day. So much inspiration. The rocks are dear. I hope to never forget either. A scary thought, forgetting.

  5. How fun! And this trip is a time you will never forget, so you have a souvenier now.
    I love to get out an take a road trip to anywhere. Keep traveling.

  6. the queen of nuts.....hmmmm....i hear myself in that. do i need to be elected? :^)

    lynn, what a lovely time you and karen had. i love your energy and enthusiasm. and as you know, your paintings make me salivate!

    that palm tree: at first i had no idea those were leaves. wow!

  7. What a great time you seemed to have had. I love the scenes of a downtown street. Thanks for sharing all the photos!


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