Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paint Out: The Art Show

The Art Show was on Sunday last.
 My friends, Doreen and Simone, drove over the hill from Santa Rosa to be there! That was such a sweet surprise to drive up and see them waiting for me!  Thank you again for coming. It really did make my day!

There was so much good art in this show in oils, acrylics, watercolors, sketch, watercolor and ink. (mine)

The woman who won first prize was so proud and rightly so. I enjoyed watching her throughout the day talking to people about her piece and just beaming with the blue ribbon she wore on her chest!

 Second place went to Channing Rudd, who unfortunately did not make it to the show. He's one of the artists I met the day before and who was so personable when I came across him drawing this picture with pastels on a dark brown background. He was just beginning then. The finished piece is a first prize winner in my book!  (And I overheard talk that the judges had a hard time deciding on which one would get first place.)

 I love that this painting of the laundry mat won a prize too! Great subject! Honorable Mention.

 Third prize went to another artist who also drew the same City Hall Channing got second for!

Now for some of my personal bests:
Karen Lynn Ingalls I met painting on Friday. She happens to be standing next to the painting in front of her she was painting that day. Her canvas had been all red (an under coat, I heard her telling others) and she then painted the trees on top of and around the red paint making the trees glow!

Tim Ward, another artist I also met on Friday at the Chateau Montelena winery...after I whipped out my watercolor ink version of the spires he was hard at work sketching the entire castle! This is another first prize winner in my book. He couldn't even see the entire back side of the castle from where he was sitting but he ad libbed really well and did this beautiful job.

Many people were lucky to have their art bought up on Sunday. This painting of the local grocery store (where I bought a delicious sandwich on Friday and tape to hold my broken rear light in place for my car) was one of many that sold! Good job!!!

 Here's another by Tim Ward (Castle sketcher) he did downtown when I found him in an alley painting this scene across the street!

 And another I believe by Channing Rudd. Gosh he is good! He said he was an art teacher!!!

 I liked this watercolor too.

 And I wasn't the only one who liked painting old houses.

 This beautiful vineyard scene sold as well.

Three full days.
An event I chose to do.
An event I stressed over doing after I chose to do it.
Anxieties self imposed and gotten under control.

I am proud I pushed myself out of my comfort zone.
I am proud I stuck it out.

It was a great experience
and I would do it again...
After I rest up for maybe another year!

Henry was so happy to have his mom home again.
He laid down on my jacket next to my bag of art supplies as if to say:
"If you are leaving again I am going with you!"

Happy Animal Wednesday


  1. I'm so glad you had such a good time and love all the photos you have posted of the event. What a great assortment of paintings too, loved seeing them.

  2. What a great art show, and I have to agree with you--Channing is my favorite--I love the his use of color. You are my role model--I would love to push myself like this!

  3. bravo to you and an extra piece of cake as reward for stepping beyond your comfort zone. gorgeous artworks all. so many talented folks in this life. onward!

  4. Wow some great Artists here. I love seeing plein air work. Its amazing how they get a painting done so quickly. It seems to take me forever. I too think Channing should have been the first place winner. I am so proud of you for getting out there and doing what you wanted to do and I know how you almost backed out of it once you committed to it but you got out there and worked thru it. Bravo. Its not about winning its about doing.

  5. Lynn so much beautiful art and what a cute Kitty! I had to laugh because I was trying to figure out which of your blogs to come to, you have like 10!! LOL. Happy Animal Wednesday!

  6. It must have been a GREAT day! So much of wonderful many! Kudos to you, Lynn:)

  7. Isn't it amazing how many good artists are out there? Lovely paintings, lovely event

  8. I know you learned a lot from this experience. I am glad you went. Henry is so sweet. HAW.

  9. Sounds like such a great art show! What wonderful vibrant colours! Thanks for sharing

  10. Lovely art show, I think I liked the laundrymat best, next to yours of course :-).
    I have to say though that I really could not wait to get down to the last photo of darling Henry :-).
    Kisses. xoxo

  11. That is some beautiful art, would not be able to choose a favorite. Good for you, stepping out of your comfort zone and enjoying yourself too! Don't hide that talent!

  12. I'm sorry to hear you hit that tree, Lynn. I know just the one you're talking about - I had to negotiate my way around it very carefully.... It was wonderful meeting you - and what wonderful blog posts about the Paint Out! I probably won't get mine up for a few more days.

  13. Delightful post -some super work! Henry made it for me!x


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