Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Calistoga Paint Out: Day Two Going To Great Heights!

This is the scene I awoke to on day two of the Paint Out in Calistoga! Actually two hot air balloons hovered over my cabin...seen when I walked to the main building to pick up my tote bag breakfast!

This is the "cottage" I stayed in. It was so efficient with its kitchen table and chairs, full kitchenette; a separate bedroom, TV, microwave, etc. and a full bath too. Decor was subtle country and it was OH SO CLEAN!!!!

 After I ate the nummy breakfast I sat at the end of the walkway on the outer sidewalk in front of the main building of "Hideaway Cottages" and drew and painted the house! It felt good to be the only artist there, no one to compare myself to, relaxed, just doing MY thing.
 Lots of pretties to get into the picture including stained glass windows in the front door and those lovely red pomegranates.
 After I got done and checked out from the cottage I drove the few blocks to downtown. I stopped at the farmers market where I stopped and chatted with these fellows while they made me a delicious cheese and spinach with fresh basil crepe. I sat in a wooden church pew outside a little historical museum there to eat my crepe.

I walked around the farmers market marveling at the artists selling jewelry, metal sculptures, bird houses, teas, and much more...there were also fruits and veggies of course as well.
 Then I walked downtown further and ran into Tim Ward again, this time painting the buildings, cars and motorcycles across the street. It turned out to be another terrific painting! He's GOOD!
 And on the way back to my car I met Channing Rudd who told me he is an art teacher. He was painting the old City Hall across the street with pastels. Tomorrow I will show it to you close up with his ribbon for second place in the art show.

 I had to wait around till four o'clock to drop  off my paintings before I could leave for home. But I got tricky and called a number they had given me and Linda from the art center offered me the option of dropping them off at her house instead, which I did (finding it using my new GPS)...and then I headed home for the night.

Tomorrow I'll show you the art show and all the wonderful pieces of art on display there! You won't be disappointed.


  1. What a great place to have the look of your cottage, so good to stay somewhere so clean too. I must say your photos are superb...and personally I have never seen pomegranets actually growing on a tree before...not native here of course. Can't wait to see the art photos....

  2. i am looking forward to it, fun! a wonderful town to paint too..did you have a mud bath? yum... :)

  3. I've been catchng up on your blog--what a wonderful experience this is--from meeting other artists and just being in this little piece of paradise (I hope to see a pomegranat tree someday :)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful trip all around. I've never seen pomegranets growing, what a photo! Enjoyed all the info and photos, look forward to more!

  5. I love seeing all these photos. What a charming little town. Also loved seeing the artists at work. what a fabulous little get away.

  6. what fun, lynn!!!!

    i would love to do something like this anytime. the cottage and the house you painted are adorable--i'm excited to see the finished work.

    how inspiring!!


  7. looks beautiful and refreshing. so many wonderful artists.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful experience!!!!


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