Saturday, October 1, 2011

Victorian #2 Buck Ave. and Kentucky St.

morning I went out again for some more plein air drawing and painting. Same neighborhood as yesterday. I chose this ESTATE! It is so full of wonderful gingerbread bric a brac. Yesterday, Karen Lee told me that these decorations for the houses were purchased through the Sears and Roebuck Catalogue in that day. I love how the top fronts of the two roofs look like a traditional quilt.
And the purple moons and stars are rather Hippie looking to me from another era, or perhaps before it's time.

There was a cat laying on the brick walk way up to the stairs that looked so much like Henry V I asked him what he was doing so far from home!!! But I guess it wasn't Henry after all. I regret not being able to pencil him in.

I am obviously over any anxiety I had over painting in pubic. Today I had many visitors. A man running by shouted to me:"Your just sitting there doing that is bringing our house values UP!!!"
Later the same guy stopped to see what I was doing and I showed him what I had done yesterday. He was impressed and told me I was "a good artist!" Later, he brought me a bottle of water!

Two teen age girls stopped too and one said: "You are a GOOD artist!" Just like that! ;-)

A woman came by twice, once on her way to the farmers market up the street, and once on her way back and was impressed with how much I had gotten done. She too liked what I was doing.

And a second woman stopped to chat, told me her whole life story, or so it seemed...friendly, and nice...they all thought I was good at what I am doing...I guess I am just finally going to have to accept it as truth! LOL I know some of you are shaking your heads at me (Patty, Cris...some others, perhaps)...but when I come out of the zone that ME isn't always so sure!

I sure like being IN THE ZONE!!!!

[This piece took three hours on the scene and another hour or so at home to finish the bottom half in ink and some painting to areas yet undone.]


  1. In the zone suits you very well!

    I think you have a vey good eye for perspective.
    And patience up the wazoo!
    and your folaige is super too.
    You have jumped on this watercolor thing and really taken off.
    Great job, Lynn!

  2. YES I am shaking my head at you!!! LOL and you shake your head at me too! Wa are all insecure. You have taken off with the watercolor thing and I am so happy to see it. I see some Art show entries in these. :)))

  3. Oops.. WE not WA ..are all insecure that is. lol I love this painting by the way..

  4. Victorian homes seem to be a great subject matter for you, Lynn! I love how they light and breezy and fun! I thought of you today when I went to a Hobby Lobby store and there was a watercolorist in there doing a painting from a photograph! I told her all about you!
    Happy New Year, by the way!!!

  5. Babs, thanks so much. Your feedback means a lot.

    Cris, I knew you'd be shaking your head...but it's okay. Soon I will be all sure of day...soon. We can only hope. LOL
    It would be fun to see if these could get past the judges!!!

    Julie, ears were burning!!! ;0
    And thanks for the New Year Greetings too. Sweet.

  6. You ARE good at what you are doing.
    I LOVE these paintings Lynn!
    And how cool all these reactions are!
    If I would find you painting my house on my doorstep I would buy it straight away ;)


  7. This is wonderful Lynn. You really are enjoying your painting, it shows, and the buildings look so pretty.

  8. You are having just too much fun. I love the results.

  9. your house paintings are so charming. this is a complex house and you did it so beautifully. what fun that you are the talk of the neighborhood! soon they will be doing an newspaper article about you. i'm so glad you are having so much fun plus perfecting your style.

  10. oh darlin', don't you worry about anyone's opinion but ARE good! and i just about went nuts over that purple!!! it is absolutely perfect...what purple is that?

    xoxoxo and do pop over and leave me a note on which it is....i HAVE to know!

  11. I echo Babs, all those bricks! Wonderful job, though so different than what I am doing we are both having fun in the zone :-). xoxo

  12. I love these old houses you paint!

  13. Marianne, how I would love to paint YOUR house, but I would GIVE you the painting I am sure!

    Thanks Ann. I am having a ball with these paintings. So glad you come by to see them.

    Lisa, yes, discovering that I can do this has increased my fun factor by a LOT.

    Suki, I'm glad you like these houses too. Thanks for your interest and good eye for the details. I agree that they are charming. Each one must hold many stories don't you agree?

    Linda, the paints I am using do not have names on the colors I am so sorry. The purple is pretty and bright, but other than that I know not what it is called.
    Thank you for your confidence in me.

    Annie, the bricks can be fun to do with liquid MASK... sometimes I make a mess of it. One has to let the Mask dry and then the paint dry before taking the mask off. I am not always patient enough.

    Lilah, thanks so much.

  14. Lynn, these are really good! I admire your perserverance and dedication. You make me want to get out and paint my neighborhood. Maybe I will!

  15. Sorry to be late here, my last visit didn't allow me to comment for some reasons.

    Love your cool ideas and how you put up this treasure as whole!
    The details are so intricated and beautiful!

    So good to be able to travel like the map and never stop! Keep it up dear Lynn!


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