Friday, September 30, 2011

My First Victorian House

I call this my first Victorian House because I plan to draw/paint more of them. This is one of many  on Buck Avenue on the route I used to walk and take photos on; perhaps you remember that.
I started this drawing on Thursday, working on it for two hours; brought it home and continued to work on the ink drawing over the paint; and on Friday I went back in the morning to the same spot and continued to paint and draw in the unending plethora of details to this gem of a house.
I truly enjoyed the process. I love old houses.
I lived in a really old rundown Vic years ago for about fifteen years. They tore it down when we moved out. It was that rundown. But this one brings back lots of memories from that other house. We then moved to another old Vic out in the country and this house also has aspects of that one, especially the porch and being two stories and white.
While I was painting on Thursday, two teen aged girls came by and stopped to look. One of them exclaimed: "Did you do that? Oh, of course you did!" as she stands there watching me draw in front of her. "It's beautiful!" She said. "Is this a hobby?" I told her, it was more like a passion!
She liked that.

My plein air buddy, Karen joined me this morning and we both did our own thing; then we went to lunch and got to know each other even better. She invited me to join her this Sunday with a group of young (20 somethings) artists in a neighboring town to make art together. I will tell you more about that after the fact!

I hope you are having as much fun this weekend as I am!!!


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! This is in true Lynn style.. A little wonky here and there and perfect!!You have hit on something fun here. Cant wait to see what else you do on this block. Nice you had your paint buddy with you and a place to go meet up with other Artists this weekend. All because you gathered up your timidity for painting in public. my word Veri is ..jaziest and you are! :)

  2. lynn, abolutely fantastic. i'm not kidding!

    no doubt this is what you should be doing. no one would believe you have only recently been doing this.



  3. Seriously? Your art is amazing, I love this house!!! If you ever come visit Oregon you'll have to see Deepwood Mansion, your house reminds me of it.
    Happy Weekend!

  4. Wow Lynn so many details and such a precise and accurate drawing!
    Great artwork :)
    Thank you,

  5. This is gorgeous. Puts me in a good mood just to look at it.-Lisa D

  6. I love your houses...they are wonderful the way you illustrate them in your free flowing way...and i also love your color palette, you seem quite fearless with color, something that truly speaks to my heart. have fun painting this weekend, a good one to come! cooler weather...sighs. ;) xox

  7. That's a great glad you have a painting buddy to share your art with, that can be so encouraging.

  8. Wonder drawing of an aged Queen. Victorians are full of magic and you have captured this in your painting.

  9. You did a great job ... It's very whimsical. If that were my house, I would want o buy your painting ......

  10. Grrr...blogger eating my comment cause I wouldn't give them my phone number.

    Anyway - what I said was that I love this, the perspective is great without being obsessive and the overall image is wonderful.

  11. Now you have really done it:) I love everything victorian...And this is wonderful. More! More! I am still looking at all the detailes, WOW! Have fun! Mary

  12. Wow, your attention to detail os amazing.m that would make me nuts.

  13. lynn i am just smiling with joy reading this post. love vic's myself and this blue and white one is stupendous. oh, you are having such passionate fun. you are truly an inspiration.


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