Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big House on Buck Ave.

On the first day I drew in graphite pencil and watercolors and came home and added black ink to the part I had painted that day. (photo of first watercolor stage is on yesterdays post)

 Today I had a free hour and a half so I went back to the scene of the painting and finished painting the rest and sat there to add the ink as well.
Only one passerby stopped to chat, this time a woman, who had her opinions about this great house and how expensive it must be to maintain. It is very large and stately looking. I hope my painting gives that impression although there is a whole other side to the house on the right side that did not fit in my picture. Not to mention the sides and back where the pool is. This house could be a many days project from many different angles.

I plan to paint more of the beautiful homes on this street. This is the street I used to take photos on during my noontime walks. With all this painting I am getting a little behind on my walks. In reality I will most likely be getting a larger behind from all the sitting and painting...but one has to have ones passions!


  1. I love your art Lynn, it makes me smile! You are a natural book illustrator - look into it, seriously!!

  2. It seems that all of my hobbies keep me on my behind too much. :/ I do enjoy seeing your paintings. There are some interesting homes in our area too.You are about to inspire me to get out there and paint.

  3. The climate here does not lend itself well to outdoor painting, so I've not indulged often.

    Some really nice work you're doing, Lynn,,,,

  4. This turned out really good. Love it too. Well the Plein Air painting will be winding down soon when the cold weather and rains come. So enjoy it while you can.

  5. love this home and the colors in the painting. you are on a roll.

  6. love your plein air paintings! wish I could come and sketch with you...

  7. This is wonderful, I just love your watercolors.


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