Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Henry Dear Henry Where I HAVE YOU BEEN?

Henry V  came home this morning looking like someone had put thick stiff mousse in his hair.
It was sticking up all over his head, was hard to the touch, but did not have any particular smell.
I've no idea what he got himself into.
 but I sure got a kick when I was walking through the house a while later and I found him on top of the washing machine with the other dirty things as though he too was waiting to be washed!
Silly cat!

Happy Animal Wednesday!

And this is a watercolor I started today, but did not have time to finish. I'll show it again when I have had time to go back to this spot and finish the painting. I've already outlined a lot of it in black ink and it is already popping off the page!
My plein aire experience today included two different men coming by to chat with me about my painting. The first guy just seemed fascinated by what I was doing and told me he was impressed.
The second man had been painting his picket fence with a fresh coat of bright white across the street. He came across to ask me how much I charged for a portrait! I told him I didn't think I was quite ready for that yet. He told me I was welcome to draw and paint his house if I wanted. I might, it's much smaller than this one and quite cute.


  1. poor Henry.....if only cats could talk.......x

  2. Yes, I would love to hear the story about the sticky fur. Wonder what that gad about was doing. HAW. Your painting forays are interesting.

  3. My cat used to come home like that after getting wet so maybe Henry went for a swim! hAW henry - you should pay your mom for those portraits she does of you

  4. Poor Henry. Sounds like he had a rowdy romp around town last night.
    I can see that you are having lots of fun with your painting. Will stay close to see how it turns out.

  5. Love your Sketch/Journal page of Henry! I bet he's sleeping peacefully to the thrum of the washer reliving his exciting evening on the town!

  6. Well Henry had an exciting night out on the town it sounds like. Cute portrait of Henry. I love the painting already and its not even done. Its going to be wonderful when done, I can tell aready. You need to keep a journal of all the things said to you while out plein air painting. :))

  7. Is Henry friendly with strangers? I wonder if he got into some little girls yard who played dress up with him for awhile and she "fixed" his hair as little girls love to do. Another great building painting - I really love this series you are doing.

  8. I love this cute pic of Henry, he looks like a real 'man about town'! LOL. Wow, a new commission, go for it- painting people's houses- not literally of course- I can see you doing that Lynnie xxx

  9. HENRY!! I love you dirty or clean :-). Kisses.
    Lovely watercolor, you are really moving along! xoxo

  10. What a guy ! At least he knew he was dirty !

    Enjoy the watercolor time ! You are making such strides...

  11. oh that henry. what a little monkey. ha. you will soon become famous in your town methinks.

  12. Hilarious. You should attach a catcam to him


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