Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On Monday I Painted The Chamber of Commerce

On Monday I had some time to kill in the morning after an appointment with my hearing specialist.
Since I was already downtown I drove around to find another building to draw and paint.
I decided on this one. It was originally a library, but now houses our Chamber of Commerce.
I liked the columns and awning and red doors.
 So I pulled my painters chair out of my car, plus my bag of supplies...I am ever ready now to paint anywhere, any time. I plunked myself down on the sidewalk in front of my parked car. And I got to work.
 A gentleman came out of the building and came to see what I was doing. He jokingly said they'd like to hang my finished painting inside the Chamber.
 I went on to paint and then to draw over the original drawing with black ink in both medium and fine pointed pens.
And here she is.

The building is actually an off white color...I couldn't decide what to use to get to that color so just used some green with a lot of white that was in the paint palette from a previous days work. And decided it was fine. The flag in the window on the left side is actually a reflection from the larger flag hanging up in front of the building (but not seen in this picture). My focal point was that ornate front and those four tall columns!

This took about an hour and a half start to finish.


  1. What a lot of detail to cope with - You've done really well with this.

  2. There are so many hues of white. I think you are becoming a painter.

  3. Wow.. I am really impressed with your drawing here. You have grown in your work before our eyes. White is so hard to do because white isnt really white. It absorbs all the colors around us but it looks white. You did a good job here.

  4. Oh, this is so neat!!!! I have never tackled such a building, you have done such a fantastic job here. Love that the flag is a reflection and like that you put ink over it, that really adds alot!!!

  5. I went back and looked at the paintings you have shared, you are amazing, all the detail. You have found a wonderful way to express yourself...ART! Hugs, Mary

  6. i told you already: this is fab, lynn. i am envious and inspired. this is the kind of painting i want for myself.

    micron pen?


  7. KJ Farber Castell Pitt artist pen.
    Thanks!!! Exiciting to hear that I can inspire someone else!

    Ann, I seem to be thriving on a lot of detail...
    Thank you.

    Lisa, thanks nice to hear.

    Cris, thanks, and I appreciate your painting know how that you share with me.

    ArtistUnplugged, thanks so much.

    Mary, so glad you came to see them all. Thanks!!!

  8. lynn, fabulous, keep painting, they are getting better and better....your handling of whites is very

  9. So admire you for getting out there and painting Lynn! Well done with those buildings.

  10. Wow! You chose something with a lot of detail but you got it all! Love what you are doing - you are definately an "artist" in my book!

  11. Hi Lynn - Carol from the Sketchbook Challenge. I love your building paintings! My fav thing to sketch when out and drawing. Are you participating in the Sketchbook Challenge? Please check it our, your work would fit right in with ours!


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