Monday, September 26, 2011

I Painted in the RAIN!!!!

On Sunday morning I woke up rearing to go: To Paint the town red!
I knew which building I wanted to paint...this old 1889 red brick building that was on the opposite side of the street I had painted the day before. It was over cast and rain was predicted. It was dry when I arrived at ten a.m. And there was no sun on my side of the street, as had been the case on Saturday. So it was perfect for my needs!
 But perhaps a half hour into my session it started to first I did not even notice. A woman came to stand under the awning, under which I was sitting, to stay dry and it was only then I came a bit out of my right brain zone to notice that sure enough, it was raining! But I was staying dry...the rain coming to with in inches of my chair.
 I got to use the new MASK liquid I got yesterday at the thrift store!(If you missed that story scroll down to the earlier post)
 It worked perfectly!!! I'd never done this before, but had the right tools (a long wooden skewer) to dip into the stuff and spread it where I wanted the paint NOT to go. I waited until it dried and then did my pink/red wash over it.
 Then I rubbed it off with my fingers and it left the white paper to define my buildings bricks.

Some might say the painting was finished here as a "true watercolor" painting...however, I like it when I add my black artist pens... bold, medium and fine lines to define what I was seeing. I like the way it makes it pop!
Did you notice the bird sitting up on the roof? (far left side)...the flags were all tattered and torn from years of use I presume. I wonder if they ever take them down? I was there 2 and a half hours!
I think the sky tells you what the weather was like!

Kids seemed the most excited passing by to see an adult painting outside. One woman stopped to tell me she had seen me getting started when she and her husband were going into the restaurant. When she came out I was finishing up. She said: "You are fast!" and "You are very talented!" It feels so good to hear this. One of these days I am going to fully own it too.

Downstairs from this part of the building shown here is the Mirage,  the hair salon where I get my hair done!


  1. Love it and the story of how it came to be--I don't think I could do that.

  2. The black outlines give good definition - I like them.

  3. Well done - and painting in the rain when paint doesn't want to dry! your progress.

  4. Your masking fluid worked well for this painting! Good thing you had some.
    I like to ink my watercolors too. I just like the sketchy look to them. Check out Terry Bandera's blog. I love his ink and watercolors! I have a long way to go, but he is my mentor!

  5. Absolutely beautiful!

    Was out of blog for am back again. I had been on vacation...Need to catch up with all you dear friends:)

  6. Another great painting. You are improving right and left. Isnt it amazing how fast time seems to go when you get into that right side of brain zone? I bet you were a little sleepy after that. ? Yes you do need to OWN it when someone says you are an Artist. Because YOU ARE!!!

  7. Wow, awesome painting and a great story with it. I agree with Mim about the outlines. Your quilting has me in awe each time I see your work.

  8. You are having just too much fun girl. I like this painting. I agree that the black lines give it definition. It is clearly your style.

  9. Diane, I didn't think I could do it either, but I pushed myself and continue to do so and it is becoming easier and easier.

    Mim, thanks. I like this style of painting/ink/drawing.

    Ann, the rain was light and did not seem to affect the paint drying. Even the MASK liquid dried in a timely manner.

    Katie Jane, thanks for the heads up about Terry Bandera. He is located a bit over an hour from me and I liked his work very much. I may sign up for some of his classes.

    Deepa, glad you are back . Hope your vacation was all you needed it to be. Thanks too.

    Cris, thanks, thanks and more thanks. Yes, I do feel tired after a two hour painting session. Right brain needing a rest.

    Artist Unplugged, thanks so much; and thanks regarding the art quilts too.

    Lisa, thanks...I am having fun and I do like this style!!! I am finding myself, my way.

  10. Looks like you had an awfully good time. I liked the bird that you pointed out.

  11. Hi Lynn....just dropped by again to say I have done a sketch of the top middle section of the 1889 red brick building....would you mind if I put it on my blog with reference to your blog and post.

  12. I admire your style and the way you are always learning and trying new things. I've always loved the ink and watercolour technique and, as I've told you before, yours would make great illustrations for books. Have you ever explored that?


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