Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day and Night Out!

Big Day
yesterday...dropped my art off at the Pence Gallery (will show that later)...then we took off for San Francisco, as we had tickets to hear Dick Holdstock and Allen McCloud sing
on the tall ship: The Balcutha at Hyde Street Pier. Dick is English and Allen is Scottish and their two voices blend beautifully together to tell stories of sailors gone to sea long ago.

 After a dinner of  hot clam chowder and sour dough bread we walked to the  Pier in the rain.
We sat in the belly of the ship across from the port holes looking out onto the bright lights of the City.
Listened to the songs as the audience sang the choruses. DH once sang as back up to Dick and Allen's first CD years ago. He had gone to Dick's home earlier in the week for a group sing. And thus found out about this nights program. We were glad we went... They all sang and I drew in the semi dark.
 They met and began singing together  30  years ago at the Shanty Sings aboard the CS Thayer, another  Tall Ship docked at Hyde Street Pier (and in restoration process now). We'd go every Saturday night in those days to sit in the bowels of that ship and sing our  hearts out all night long. DH would sing solos in turn with many others interested with these old sea songs.
 We've all aged a bit since then...but voices are the same. And it was fun to see other's we'd known at those other musical evenings all those many years ago. In fact, those Shanty Sings still go on today.
Dick's wife, Carol, sat a few rows in front of I could sketch her from this view. It rained yesterday and last night, and it was drafty and cold sitting down there, and we got wet walking back to the garage where we'd parked our car. But it was worth it. I think we'll do this again!

(My pages look yellow due to the lighting in my house where I took them, but maybe the yellow aged look just goes along with the mood here too by coincidence.)

Now I'm off to an art class! Who said 70 is old???


  1. Yes who said 30 was over the hill much less 70? How fun to still have connections from 30 years ago that are still singing together..Didnt Hubby get up to sing last night? Would have been fun. Great drawings.. Nice to see you fitting that in your busy schedule still. Did anyone want to see what you were doing? Enjoy today.

  2. So seventy is the new 40 Lynn??!

    Glad you enjoyed your evening of song it sounds great!

  3. You're inspiring Lynn, love the life in your sketches! Sounds like an awesome night. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  4. that looks great fun Lynn we go to folk evenings as Jim plays too can't beat a good sea shanty....and great sketches too ..x

  5. That looks like it was so much fun! I love folk music and the setting ounds perfect! Who's 70 anyhow?? And who's counting anymore?

  6. What a fun evening. I think you should do this occasionally. Numbers. Who worries about numbers??

  7. This sounds like a really fun day! Just the kind I would like. And your sketches are very good.
    BTW, I liked that sweater you knitted also. You are a multitalented gal!

  8. Sounds like alot of your sketches too!

  9. I love Sea Shanty's how lucky you are to have such a wonderful group of local musicians. Happy Thanksgiving Lynn!


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