Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday's Art Class and Making An Art Connection AND Happy Thanksgiving AND Happy Animal Wednesday

Sunday was a fun day, even though I was a bit tired out from the night before when we went to the Concert in SF. (see previous post).
But the rains had stopped and the roads were clear so driving to Lincoln was a piece of cake (using GPS...that godsend device that now gets me everywhere without getting lost).
The theme for the art class was Thanksgiving. Terry had a few photos for us to use as guides
and I had fun doing them all.
My "worried looking turkey" joins me here in wishing you a
Happy Thanksgiving!
He was most fun to do.

 These candles in the fall leaves are okay...I tried to give a little light shining off the tops of them in yellow.
 The horn of plenty was a first quick painting with little effort and a few swift strokes of color.
 This second candle picture was done on a light weight paper that I realized late was there to protect the watercolor pages under them. So it warped. But I almost like this one better than the first on the better paper.

And then I did another one. I just work fast. Some people spent the whole time on just one or two paintings, but I just kept pumping them out. Maybe next time I will learn to spend more time on just one and see what I can produce that way.
 This man worked on his two the the entire three hours. And his turkey shows great detail. I was very impressed with is work.
 After class on the way home I stopped in Davis to do a little retail therapy shopping. I came across this tiny shop called Lilies. The owner, Dina Furman, seen below, was most gracious. I noticed she had a lot of art on the walls. She also had an accent and I asked her where she was from. She is Israeli. I happened to be wearing the necklace Mim made of the map of Israel and Dina noticed it and liked it a lot. She said she'd love to sell such necklaces in her shop. So I connected her up with Mim. How sweet is that?!  She said she is also interested in seeing my art so I gave her my blog URLs. Who knows it could be a new selling venue for me too!

I bought a real cute sweater there to wear to Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday! I will look smashing!
Dina in her shop.
The dress she is standing by is full of beads and just adorable!
And so was she!


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun painting and did get some fun paintings done. and what nice store owner. Will we get to see the new outfit? Its nice to be able to produce a lot quickly but I like to savor the paintings and enjoy them as I do them which is probably why some didn't get many paintings done yesterday.

  2. Some things are just serendipity. It looks like you had lots of fun with your class. I get all hung up on details. Sigh~~ Sometimes you just have to let go.

  3. I am SO impressed with you my dear! I can't wait to get home to make some more necklaces

  4. I like your quick sketches. It gets the point across without too much frill.
    Of course, that man's turkey looks good enough to eat!
    Nice little dress/gift shop. Pretty!

  5. Your blog article is very interesting and fanatic, at the same time the blog theme is unique and perfect, great job.

  6. Your turkey probably has reason to look worried so short before Thanksgiving!
    Beautiful paintings - you do work fast, but your paitings are very beautiful - I like them, there is a certain good mood in them that speaks to me. Beautiful colors as well - very appropriate for the season.

  7. I like all of your paintings Lynn, esp the turkey. The line work is excellent! And yes, that man is talented also.

    Nice shop! Nothing like a new sweater for the holidays :)

    And YAY, a MIM hookup!

    have a wonderful Thanksgiving.♥

  8. You are getting to take such fun classes - I tend to be one of the detailed ones, but I work fast still. When I took my watercolor class I was always done with each segment way before the rest of the class. Good for Mim - hope she gets some exposure from your shop owner friend.

  9. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments on my paintings! They were fun to do!!!

    No plans to model the new outfit Cris! ;-) Maybe I'll draw it for you.

    Lisa, I do think I am a "letting go" kind of artist.

    Mim, I am so happy for making this connection for you!

    Katie Jane, thanks.

    septic tank, LOL what a name, thanks.

    Carola how I appreciate your feedback!

    Lolo, thanks to you too. Glad you like my lines!!!

    Pak, thank you so much. Glad you like your classes too! It's fun isn't it!

  10. Wonderful watercolors Lynn.
    That is just the way you love to work fast. That man's paintings are nice as well just different. You haqve to do what feels good for you. I love your loose style ,
    How cool Mim's hangers will be sold in that shop and who knows your art later on.:)

    have a wonderful creative week♥

  11. i esp like the cornucopia the zen painters do their paintings with one stroke of the brush. very fast. fast is great.

    wonderful about the shop and connecting Mim. have a wonderful turkey day and dont spill gravy on your sweater. LOL

  12. I love your turkey! So wonderful that you got Mim and perhaps yourself a gig! Always nice when it happens easy like that. Happy Thanksgiving and kisses to Henry! xoxo


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