Friday, November 25, 2011

It was a GOOD DAY!

We were late getting to my daughter's house because I HAD to bake the yams in the morning, but when I saw them in the bowl I HAD to draw and paint them first. I just did!!!

My grand daughter asked why we were late! (It was only an hour, but sweet of her to notice)...she quickly found my paints I had brought and got to work creating her own Thanksgiving painting!
 Grand son found a game to play...
 My daughter and son in law are both excellent chefs. The kitchen smelled wonderful. The black bird in the foreground here is a duck made on the rotisserie out doors. I am still raving about how good it tasted. I took some home for today and it was THAT GOOD all over again. The turkey was nicely done as well.
 My grand daughter set the table beautifully using her great grandmother's china that now belongs to her mom (my daughter).
 It made me very happy to see mom's good dishes laid out so nicely for us to use and enjoy.
 This turkey got from my house to theirs on some previous Thanksgiving...and now he wears a sign.
 She was such a good helper the entire day and evening from set up to clean up! And of course all the gals were in the kitchen and by then the guys were downstairs watching football!
 I asked the kids to point to their favorite pies.
Son-IL made the big apple pie with apples from the tree in their backyard.
My brother brought a pumpkin and an ollaaberrie pie from Fat Apples in Berkeley.
Always delicious...and DD made fresh whipped cream w/out sugar.
 I'd like to say I only ate this much; but later I snuck a second piece of pumpkin. I'd practically been fasting all week in readiness.
 Thank you dear daughter and SIL. You did yourselves proud. We all enjoyed it so much. Also in attendance were his mom, step dad and two step brothers and my brother and husband!
 After dinner, football and dessert DH played guitar and sang and Grand son accompanied him very well I might add on his drum! DH said he kept perfect time.
We have so much to be grateful for.
And I include all of you my dear friends (blog and non blog) as part of my blessings that I appreciate so very much. Thanks for coming by here when you do, when you leave comments, when you share and inspire, listen and tell, encourage and support.
                                                                              YOU ROCK!!!


  1. Looks like a fun day with lots of good food & Family. I cracked up over you having to be late because you had to draw out the Sweet potatoes in the bowl. A true Artist!!!! :)))Love it.

  2. You rock too! Happy holidays

  3. Looks like a wonderful family gathering and lots of delicious food...umm yummy!

  4. The family together like this--the perfect holiday!

  5. What a wonderful family gathering. You do have so much to be thankful for. You are mightly blessed.

  6. I felt like I was home with all the wonderful pictures of kids having a good time and wonderful food. Thank you for sharing you life via blogworld. I have been blessed to have you as a friend.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. This sounds and looks like the perfect day! Your grandkids are adorable, and how sweet that they set the table using your mom's dishes - this is so special. Thanksgiving has become my favorite American holiday.

  8. Oh Lynnie, your family photos are always so very joyful. I do so enjoy seein them. I am grateful to have you on the blog- and as for your art- it is just zinging now!

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful day with your family. Much going on and lots of love flowing everywhere.

  10. What a great day with family, friends and food! We also had an enjoyable time with family and I brought my camera but ended up not taking a single picture. I was too busy yakking I guess.


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