Sunday, November 27, 2011

Knitting Problems Solved!

My grand daughter asked for PINK.
I chose a pattern I was sure I could master, however it had a few twists and turns that set me on my head. First you do the back.
With the aide of on line I learned to do this "horizontal lace" pattern that
was NOT easy! But with verbal helpers and videos on that site I was able to master it after a fashion.

 The top called for a hood! That did not look so difficult, but I swear the written pattern is wrong; or I am completely dense, as after many readings and re readings and attempts I finally decided to lose the hood.

Instead I designed a very different top. I added a small rolled collar and found a pattern for knitted flowers and proceeded to make them in several different sizes for the display below:
I found an adorable striped long sleeve shirt in shades of pink, rose, red and black that looks so cute under this sweater vest!!! I can't wait to give it to and see my grand daughter wearing it at Chanukah time.  Size 8. Child.

Now I am knitting cowls; finished one last night for my daughter in law; and started a second one tonight for my 18 yr old grand daughter. They are great in cool/cold weather for keeping the neck snugly warm. I may make one for myself too!!! Super easy!


I met up with my friend Diane today in Davis. We went by the Pence Art Gallery to see the holiday market. Two of my pieces were missing, so I assume they are sold!
We took in the art show there that was incredible.
I didn't take my camera! Me, with out a camera? It happens.
Then we walked a few blocks to Lilies the cute dress shop where I met the Israeli owner
last week. I got a second sweater like the first one I loved and bought. Do you do that?
Get two of something that you know is so practical that you will wear and wear them for ever?
Now I have a brown one plus the olive green first one!
It was fun connecting with Dina again too.
Then Diane and I stopped in at a cute little tea shop and had lunch and tea!
We had little girls on our right having a birthday party with their dad; and college girls on our left chatting away over their tea and crumpets.
I guess Diane and I were the elder generation in the middle!
We made one more stop at the SPCA thrift store where we both came away with a stack of books.
Both agreeing that we had way too many books already and would never
catch up; but hey they are only a buck...couldn't pass up the good deal.
A fun way to spend a Sunday Afternoon.



  1. I know how hard you worked on this learning a new pattern and it came out great. Bravo for learning something new.. again. Its so lovely she will adore it.

  2. what a feel-good post! what a fun dy!

    lynn, that collar is fantastic. i don't know enough to appreciate knitting as it should be appreciated, but i have never seen a collar so adorable.

    one special little girl is going to love it!!!

  3. What a cute pink sweater! Your granddaughter will love it!
    And yes sometimes I buy the same things but then it has to be in a different color.
    Sounds like a good time with your friend. Sometimes it is good not to have a camera with you to only have attention for each other :)

    Enjoy your week♥

  4. Lovely sweater - I wish I knew an 8 year old to knit it for. We're the curlicues added separately? I'm sure she'll love it.

  5. This is a beatiful sweater vest. The roses and lace look terribly difficult to me. I hate when patterns aren't written clearly. I know she will love it. Sounds like you and Diane had a fun day out.

  6. Mim, yes, the flowers/curlicues were done separately and sewn on with yarn. They were very easy to do. I just used different sized needles for the various sized flowers.

  7. Lyn, that sweater is precious.The neckline/collar is so much more special than a hood would have been.Wonderful to be so inventive!

    And yes, I often buy more than one of something that I love. In different colors, yep.

    Congrats on the missing/sold pieces, that's great!

  8. Cute sweater vest. Your grandkids must be the best dressed around!
    Sounds like you had a fun afternoon browsing and shopping.

  9. Not only solved, I would say 'perfected'!!! You are the most optimistic and fulfilled person I thinkI know.

  10. lynn your vest turned out super. better than a hood is your fun neckline. she will love it.

    and i love the tale of your delightful day out with your friend. and your second sweater, no you can never have too many.

  11. Hi Lynn, just checking in to see what you and Henry are up to. Been reading your posts. Your knitting is so professional! If I lived around there I would definitely get you to design things for me. And I chuckled at your apology to any Chinese people reading the post that featured your painting of the Chinese bowl. Funny.

  12. OMG! Your little sweater is a treasure, Lynn!!! LOVE that you found a knitting site for help. Thanks for sharing. Maybe I'll be able to master those fingerless gloves in time for the Holidays!!! ♥ Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

    PS Those little roses are adorable!!!!


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