Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hello From Henry on Animal Wednesday!

Henry loves a good mug shot!
But then again
he does not always approve of my shooting him with my camera

 but he will pose nicely if I beg
 but he'll also let me know when he's done for the day and the photo shoot is over!

Wishing you well on Animal Wednesday.

We are sad today too over the loss this past week of our friend "Sunshine" the sweet and clever little bird who belonged to Terri C. the water colorist of beautiful daisies, post mistress of TMC and lots more. Henry and I send warm thoughts and caring hugs Terri's way.


  1. Henry looks like a cat who knows who's boss. :) Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Henry is handsome no matter how you look at him. HAW.

  3. Please Thank Henry from me for posing so nicely:)

  4. love that first shot - and yes...thinking of Teri on this day.

  5. Henry does have a mind of his own.

    Sunshine...fare the well. Fly into the sunset.

  6. Henry! You know I love you! What a mug you have.
    So sorry about Sunshine.

  7. What a cutie. I see so much of my Nikki, we lost this year, in him. She could give you the LOOK too. :) Henry is very expressive. :)) I feel so bad for Teri. She sure got knocked for a loop over losing sunshine. I hope her heart heals soon.

  8. He does look angry in the second photo - if I ever get a cat I want one like Henry, he has so much personality!

  9. Thank you Lynn. So sweet to mention Sunshine.

  10. Hi Henry! You are a rascal, aren't you???


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