Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Henry's Got Neighbors!

Meet Abbie and Tony
 They are Henry's neighbors who live next door!
 They wonder where Henry is...
Abby asks his mom, Donna:  "Did he go that way?"
 Tony tells Dave: "I don't see him!"
Donna and Dave have been our neighbors since we moved into this house in 1988.
I think they'd moved in about six months before us.
Dave is our computer guru, and all around fix it guy with whom we cannot live without.
Donna is a shy watercolor artist who has yet to show me any of her work!
But I keep hoping!!!
I bet you can't believe that not everyone blogs their art!
 Oh Henry's indoors taking a bath on Mom's knitting
that is being blocked on the card table!
 "I don't know what all the fuss is about!
You can wash it again after I'm done!" says Henry.
"Hey it looked like a bath mat to me!"

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. the dogs are just too cute. what is that piece of knitting? a lap rug?

  2. So cute! And love Henry on the knitting!, smart kitty

  3. What adorable dogs.. What kind are they? OH that Henry...He knows quality to lay on when he sees it. :))

  4. Cute dogs, but Henry is the star! His face always makes me smile. Kisses to him please. xoxo

  5. What cutie pie doggies!!! Love Henry. Sounds like you have awesome neighbors, thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovely neighbors you have Henry!
    But you are the king remember!

  7. Those dogs are too cute and Henry is too Henry :)


  8. How funny! We have two (little white) dogs - and a cat so they get up close and personal - and it usually works out:)
    Love your work and I'm SO glad I inspired you to make a mess. Highly therapeutic!! The backgrounds I posted are actually part of the series I did to prep for my husband, who is behind in the studio and has a gallery opening early December. Since backgrounds are my favorite and he loves the way I do them, well:) Hopefully I'll be back to my own painting soon! Take care!


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