Sunday, November 6, 2011

Real Busy Weekend Here Knitting, Sewing, and a million other things too...

Real busy weekend (not in any specific order)!
Spent Sunday struggling to learn a new pattern in knitting this hoodie sweater for my 7yr
old grand daughter. (for Chanukah...not much time left!)
This is about as far as I got. Never ripped out so much in my life before!
But with great frustration, help from, real people there who explain things in writing,
and videos to watch I mastered/well I learned pretty well to make this lace pattern
at the bottom of the sweater just above the ribbing (which I know how to do).
 Close up of the holy lace...hoping she won't count the holes as they are NOT all there!!!! LOL
 Then FINALLY having finished all the knitting for my grandson's gift sweater for same occasion, I soaked it and blocked it and put it out to dry. Well it didn't dry, even though the sun WAS shining when I put it out it was not hot out. So now it rests on top of the washer and dryer indoors. Maybe three or four days from now it will be dry and I can knit the parts together into a sweater/jacket for him.

 I also laid out and cut out another scarf from T-shirts. This one is yet to be washed so the cut parts will curl up. It will be for sale at the Davis Pence Art Gallery Holiday Market later this month. Hopefully I'll get a few more done by then. The two I already made are for gifts.
 And just in case you think THAT took ALL of my time...
 I also made DINNER last night! This is usually the job of my DH, but he was feeling less than par so I took over. Besides he would never dream of cooking a squash! It seemed to take forever but it was delicious none the less!!! (And DH is back to normal today! He can cook dinner tonight!!! (I still have some left over squash in the fridge for me!)

Wow, knitting, sewing, cooking...I'm a regular little domestic art goddess!
I hope you had an equally productive or at least enjoyable weekend where you are!


  1. love those t-shirt scarves! Good luck with the knitting. I never had the patience to learn.

  2. Your Tee-shirt scarves are awesome! OMG! Can I ever identify with your knitting dilemma! Still have two more pair of fingerless gloves to knit for Holiday gifts for MY grand daughters!!! (Only completed one pair!) Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. Cute sweater pattern. I hope you can figure it out. And I hope the other one drys in time. The scarves are cute too. I am sure they will sell well.

  4. you are so hardworking and talented, lynn. time out from your painting excellence...

    have fun!
    happy new week!

  5. gosh you have been so busy that lacy pattern beautiful and what is the scarf made out of ? it looks interesting ....x

  6. busy weekend - and I can relate! my DH usually cooks dinner also but lately we've been eating sort of random....
    if your GD counts the holes and finds a mistake, then you can start to teach her how to knit!!!

  7. Wow! The knitting is turning out beautifully! I never think of knitting as having such pretty patterns, that makes me think of crochet. Your grands are lucky!

  8. You certainly did have a busy weekend!!! Love, love, love your knitting pieces, bet it is super frustrating to take it out though. What cherished gifts you are that scarf too! Beautiful paintings from Friday and enjoyed the art photos in that previous post!

  9. What neat sweaters you are making for the Grands. The pink one with the hearts is so sweet. They will both love your work. You have been busy. You know what I am working on. :)

  10. Chris I taught myself to knit and this online site is a huge help too.

    Terri I started some fingerless gloves last night for GD (age 18) and they are adorable. One and a quarter to go! Might make some for myself next!

    Cris, sweater is dry! Henry's sitting on it must have helped.
    Might change up the pattern a bit on the pink sweater!

    KJ, thanks, I am having fun.

    Artymess the scarves are repurposed T-shirts cut up!

    Mim, teaching GD to knit is next on my list of things to do, GS too!

    Pak Art, actually both can be very beautiful, crochet and knit pieces. Such fun learning it all if sometimes frustrating getting past the learning curve of something new.

    Artist Unplugged. I see you were getting caught up on my blog! ;-) Thanks for taking the time and I appreciate your kind words.

    Katie Jane, ACTIVE is my middle name!

    Lisa, yes, that quilt you are making your son looks grand! Thanks for stopping by. I know you are busy! ;-))

  11. You are amazing!!! You know my fav way to do cooked squash like this is upside down in the microwave...then at end of cooking time, you can add stuff in the hole, like butter, bacon, brown sugar for a few more minutes to cook. So fast. You are making me hungry now for squash!!! hehehe.
    xoxo- Julie

  12. bravo for persisting with the lace. and your ribbing looks great too. i hope someday to be good at this!!

    ah, well now i know what the piece of knitting Henry was bathing on was. i am reading through posts backwards.

    baked squash is good but often i just cut off the ends, peel with a potato peeler and then cube the squash to cook on the stovetop like you would potatoes. I find it easier somehow.

    hope the DH is feeling better.

    ps i personally have totally given up trying to think about my art book stuck over there in England. i dont think i will ever get it back, sigh.


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