Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Paintings At Karen's House because

We expected big rain today so we (Karen and I) decided to meet at her house "snuggle in" as she suggested and draw and paint there. Karen set up an array of flowers that her sweet husband
had brought her for their anniversary of 20 yrs; and I liked this arrangement you see below
in a black lacquered tray in front of the couch.

I stood above it looking down at first and drew what I saw. The tin to the side of the gourds has a 
candle burning inside it.

Then I used watercolors first, then ink, then Tom Bow Black and Greens.
For some reason I did it in my sketch book, instead of on watercolor paper, but it's 90 lb paper and
it held the water well.

Then I moved over to her kitchen bar area and sat on a stool to draw this arrangement of a curving succulent plant in a purple vase. The sun (it never did rain) was streaming in the window and making wonderful shadows to capture in gray watercolor paint.
Karen was drawing her arrangement on a canvas, but we ran out of time before she got to the painting stage for her painting. She wants to capture the reflection of the yellow pitcher and red-orange glads in the window behind it. I know it will be beautiful.

She was finished with her pumpkin painting from last week, but can you believe this? I went there WITHOUT my camera! No! ME? NEVER!!! Yes, I did. So you'll have to wait another week to see it, but believe me it is awesome!

We just had time to take a brisk walk along a very beautiful bike trail behind her house. It felt wonderful to be in the sun and fresh air. Temperature just right and beautiful colors and foliage to see and enjoy.

A great Friday Painting Day~!

PS: I have signed up for  two more Terry Bandera's watercolor classes for later this month!


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun. These look great. I cant believe you forgot your camera.. Isnt it glued on you??? LOL Mine is glued on me for sure. :) So happy to see you keeping this up.

  2. WoW Lynn, Envying u:))) WOnderful to be in such good company and create whatever one's heart desires... and to be again in classes, so nice! I am so very happy for you! You art is a delight to watch:))))

    Have a Fantastic Day!

  3. Your artist dates sound like so much fun. I really like the painting with theflower in it. The light and shadows bring it all alive. Don't you just hate to forget your camera?. Boooooo

  4. Wonderful ! Painting, friends and sunshine. Nice !
    Have a great weekend !

  5. These are very nice paintings, and you really do get perspective well. I love the tin man from the previous post. You did a great job on him!
    I've run out of time for sketching.

  6. you are really getting into your Friday paintings, and these are great too. I also have a photo of pumpkins which I love.

  7. What a fun reason to get together! I wish I could have popped over too :)

    I love your paintings :)

  8. what fun! and beautiful work


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