Thursday, November 3, 2011

Promised Art Photos and Baby Update

I told you
that when Karen and I went to lunch last Friday we saw this incredible art. I am so sorry I did not write down the artist's name. I will go back there some time and get it. His pieces were huge and detailed so beautifully.

 They simply took our breath away.
 And I think it was Babs who wanted me to show the actual metal sculptures by Phillip Glasoff after which I did my drawings and paintings while at the pumpkin patch last week.

 This little pumpkin is our Allie who is bundled up in her mommy's arms in the warm comfy heart blanket I knit for her. I think she likes it a lot.
 As you can see she is very much loved by both her mommy
 and by her daddy.
and me too! Allie has a special need as we have learned she is profoundly hearing impaired. I share that here now not because I want sympathy, as I do not. But if anyone has positive stories or information to share about caring for and raising a severely hearing impaired child I'd be open to sharing that information with my kids.

I have the good fortune to have a woman in  the building where I work who happens to teach hearing impaired children. She has given me a stack of books to read; pamphlets and even the phone number of a family near where my kids live to call and talk to for support, as they too have a severely hearing impaired child; older and doing really well.

The kids and I have started learning "Baby Sign"; and they will have someone coming into their home to teach the whole family (and some friends too) ASL (American Sign Language). They already have someone from the county coming on a weekly basis to work with them and the baby. They are planning to have hearing aids fitted to be ready in December and possible Cochlear implant when she turns one year.

We are very hopeful that we will do everything necessary to help Allie have as normal a life as possible. I have already told them some needs, as I too am hearing impaired (I wear two hearing aides) but of course hearing loss came with old age and I have normal speech already. Just have to say "What?" sometimes asking people to repeat what they said as their words sometimes blow into the wind. If nothing else it makes me that much more empathetic and understanding of her needs.


  1. I am so surprised they diagnosed her so early but that is good for future preparation. I had a friend whose son was not diagnosed until he was in the high chair and did not get his cochlear implant until he was a teen (this was a long time ago). He hated it as he had adjusted to his quiet world that it bothered him so much they took it out. I am telling you this because she is going to have hers early and will never experience that. How wonderful.
    Science has come a long way!

  2. Thanks for the shared story Teri.
    You know I know how he felt. Sometimes I take out my hearing aides just to enjoy the quiet. ;-)
    But I agree, science has come a long way and Allie will have the best of both worlds.

  3. Nice photos. That third one reminds me of Frida Kahlo. Such sweet baby pix too. I know you will get lots of help on Allie's hearing with so many new modern things today to help, she will do great.

  4. I can see why you were so struck with these paintings. They are great. I know Allie will do wonderfully with such supportive parents, family and friends. Everyone should learn sign language. It is understood all over the world. I used it some when I worked at a hospital. I haven't used it in many years. It was fairly easy to pick up. They teach sign lanugage in some of the grade schools here.

  5. Allie is such a beautiful baby and with all the love that surrounds her coupled with amazing technical advances she will have a wonderful life...I have no doubt .........the paintings are superb too .....x

  6. Hi Lynn, and yes, thanking you for showing us these awesome sculptures. Just SO fun!

    Allie is such a beautiful babygirl!
    I,too, amd happy they were able to determine her hearing loss at so early an age. I have no information or advice to offer, just my good wishes, sincere thoughts, and prayers. She is in great hands, and I'm certain will be able to live a very fullfilled life. Technology grows by leaps and bounds constantly.
    I adore her knitted Grandma blanket too.

  7. ah, dear little Allie. it sounds like you/they have already got a lot of support and suggestions for her. Technological advances yes, but also our world today is somewhat based on finding social services and other services to help folks. My parents generation, or at least my parents, were not accustomed to this and felt they had to do everything alone. Now, there are so many networks of aid out in the world and ways to contact them that one has it a bit easier to find what is needed.

    Blessings to you all, suki

  8. wow, they can tell so early? that's so amazing and gives everyone a good start at everything from the docs to you! i think, if she is hearing-impaired, there is no better blessing than for all to know who love her. nice paintings...again ;)

    and the ones below are stupendous...i was wondering where you were when you saw those as i think you are around me somewhere. anyway many blessings upon your sweet baby....such a blessing to have so many who will love and care for her every need i'm sure. xox


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