Monday, December 5, 2011

Been Knitting and Crocheting and Sewing Up a Storm!

Holiday time is a great excuse for me to get out the knitting needles, crochet hooks and sewing machine.
Here are some of the gifts I have made so far:
far left is 7 yr old grandson's sweater; 18 yr old grand daughter gets the brown hat with the two mitts below with buttons; She also gets the black cowl under the top hat.
Daughter in law gets the multi colored hat and matching cowl to the right of it.
And there's a peek at one of two pillows I made on the far right this one for 7 yr old GS. 

 Below you see it all again with an added pillow far right for 7 yr old grand daughter, and the sweater vest in pink I made for her below that.
 I quilted the pillow tops on batting using photos of their art. This is my GS and the rocket ships he drew and cut out. His fabric were some spiral batik and doggie fabric found in my stash pile.
 I stitched words on muslin with the sewing machine and sewed that to the top.
 On the back of the pillows I added photos on silk from days they spent with us here making them into memory pillows of good times we had together. GS in hammock with his grandpa; playing drum to his grandpa on guitar; making paper dolls; eating ice cream sundaes; sitting next to me reading them a story; walking to the park by our house, etc. We do have a lot of fun when we get together!
 My grand daughter's pillow features the painting we did of each other on cat and geese fabric.
 Her favorite thing to do is to make art!
 So her photos on the back show all the ways she did that with me here; and also playing in our backyard; star watching with grandpa; hanging out at the park, etc.
 And finally the start of a little hat for the new baby girl grand child in colors and yarns matching the one I made for her mommy.
I've done more since these were completed, which I will show on another post another day!
What have you been creating lately?
Do you do more around holiday time, winter weather that keeps us indoors?


  1. I love seeing all these goodies you have been making..Like a little store on your couch. :)) They are going to be delighted with everything. I know I would be. Love the pillows with the art work and their photos on them. Very clever.

  2. Gosh Lynn you have been busy. I have been busy but not with much artsy stuff. Seeing these pillows gives me ideas.

  3. Boy you're not kidding!!
    I LOVE these gifts from the heart!

  4. love those pillows - that's something they'll keep forever.

    Keep up the crafty work - it's all looking good

  5. These pillows are so cute. Like a living scrapbook of memories. You are always so busy and you have a pile of wonderful gifts to show for it.
    Nope, I've not been creating much of anything. I'm still outdoors now that the weather is bearable.

  6. Love seeing all this wonderful handwork you've been doing. The matching hat for the baby and her Mom,,,what a fabulous idea.(and awesome colors)
    Who wouldn't want one of these as a gift?

    (she never sleeps, I bet you Lynn never sleeps)

  7. Lynn, Awesome!!!Ur artefacts and ur spirit of creation!Loved the multicolored sweater and the pillows with photos on it...Superb!


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