Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Karen's Painting At Last; Hello from Henry and 2 Birthdays!

 Karen Lee Ford brought her painting she did at the pumpkin patch and finished at home over for me to photograph. She was putting it up for sale as of that weekend.

 Isn't it vibrant and lovely? I do think she did a spectacular job on this oil painting!

Henry thought it was good too. He studied it in all seriousness as you can see and came back with a very favorable vote making it the best of show at our house!

He also stuck around to wish a few family members Happy Birthday:  (HAW)

 Today is my daughter's birthday. She looks a year younger in this photo as it was taken last year at Thanksgiving.

 And yesterday was my brothers birthday (he's the bearded guy on the left (and above) who looks an awfully lot like my DH). He's my older brother, my big brother...the guy I love to play cards with; talk TV and Movies with and who is a very special person in my life!
Happy Birthday Adena and Richard!


  1. Karen can be justly proud of her painting, I'm sure it will sell what colour to brighten up a dull grey day.

  2. A nice painting of punkins in a patch. Bright and cheerful. Happy Birthday to the birthday kids. HAW.

  3. Wow.. That painting of Karens came out amazing. Is she going to try and sell it? Thank her for letting you share it with us. :))

  4. Beautiful paintings and lovely henry and happy birthday to both special people's

  5. Yes, a gorgeous painting!

    I am knocked out by Henry's enthusiasm!

    Hope the birthdays were super.
    (Your daughter looks remarkably like you)

  6. Those pumpkins are gorgeous!!! But what I like best in your post is Henry - such a great guy. I like his expression.

  7. That's a colourful and lovely painting by Karen. Pls do pass my wishes to her.
    Birthday wishes to ur daughter and bro':)

  8. happy birthday to your two guys. so glad you and your brother are friends. yes, the painting is vibrant for sure. it would perk up any dark corner.


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