Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jalisco Diners Last and This Month

I find that I eat lunch out lately at least once a week, sometimes twice...OFTEN at Jalisco's Mexican Food cafe which is just a few doors down from my office. The food is good. The people extremely nice. And the ambiance pleasant.
I am comfortable drawing there now. In the above drawing I was sitting at a small table for two, by myself behind this huge water cooler and another young woman was waiting for her take out order to be ready to go.

I often see this man and his wife eating there as well. But there was a table full of worker guys in front of me that obscured my view of his wife so I only drew him.

 On a different day I caught this woman right before she finished her meal and gathered her things and left. You can see they are all decked out for the holidays!
 Today I was there again and drew this fellow but not his companion as I felt the other guy was watching me but this guy was oblivious. I was several rows of tables away from them.
 All of these were drawn in twenty minutes of less for the TMC challenge Blog. I think I posted this one below already there if not here too. But it goes in the series.
Yesterday while paying for my lunch, Carlos, the son of the owner who is often there to work tables told me that another patron of the restaurant draws there and he self published a book of his drawings all done at Jalisco's. I'd love to see that book! Soon I will have a book full myself.


I got my first check from the Pence Gallery today for a few sales of my art there. Not absolutely sure what sold, but perhaps a scarf and a card. Hopefully more will sell before the sale ends Dec. 23rd.



  1. These are great. I cant believe you can do these in 20 minutes without anyone seeing you doing them. I would be so chicken. Bravo for keeping it up. Would be interesting to see this other guys art from there.. Maybe he drew you one day and you didnt know it. :)) Congrats on the sale of your Work too.

  2. These are really fun sketches.
    I really like how you cross hatched the chairs in photo #2.

    Nothing quite like sales to lift your sails, right?

  3. See what I mean- you can draw- oh boy you sure can- your book will be bought by me for sure LOL.

  4. What a fun way to fill time while waiting for your lunch. I too would like to see the book of lunches.

  5. I was thinking this is a book as i scrolled through your drawings. yes, it twould be cool to see the other guy's stuff. hey, maybe you'll run into him sometime. lucky you to have a nice luncheon place. not many around here other than Joy Wah.

  6. Love these Lynn! Quick drawing is great artistic exercise I am thinking!

  7. These are nice sketches, especially for 20-minute ones. I haven't tried drawing in restaurants. I'm too busy eating!
    Congrats on your sales.


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