Saturday, December 10, 2011

Remember the sweater vest I made for my grand daughter (age 7)? Here is a matching one for her new doll she will get from us for Chanukah. (Shush, don't tell). The doll is modeling the hat I made for GD to go with her sweater and shirt (with the black/red/rose stripes). The dolls vest is knit and the flowers are crocheted; hat is crocheted.

 This psychedelic tye dyed yarn turned into a colorful hat for my Grateful Deadhead son! I hope he likes it.
 And then come Allie's Words. A bag full of words on small child sized quiltlets that spell out her family members faces/names/genders/family standing etc; and objects and their descriptions to help teach this hearing impaired child language.

 Each quiltlet has a word or two on the front and a list of descriptive words that match it on the back.
Flower on front; red, rose, petals, smell on the back.
Kaeli, Sister on front: big sister, baby, pink, hair, eyes, nose, smile, mouth on the back.

I got the idea for this "Toy" from reading Cued Speech Resource Book For Parents of Deaf Children.

Allie got her first hearing aide installed two days ago. They said she was more responsive that had been expected. I am yet to learn exactly what this means. So am staying quietly optimistic, but not sure to what level I should be...another words not counting my chickens yet.


  1. These are ALL great. Maybe you should patten Allies words. What a novel idea you came up with.I love the hat on the doll. So cute. Looks like it should go with the doll. That photo is card worthy. Lots of great hats & home made gifts. You never cease to amaze me in your imagation and talent.

  2. The sweater for the doll is super cute! Matching clothes for girl and doll are really popular with little girls, so I guess she will love it. The hat is a big statement, love it!

  3. What a great idea to dress doll as GD. The hat is the icing. Great toy for your other GD. I hope the hearing aids help.

  4. love the knitting - your GD will have great fun with that.

    As for Allie...I think what you are all doing is wonderful. I'm glad she is responding to the Hearing aids, and I've heard wonderful things about the cochlear implants. I guess the biggest thing is to address it early, do what you can with support and remember what a rich and rewarding world she has.
    what a world!!!

  5. Wonderful words for Allie. Blessings with her hearing aids

  6. Very thoughtful gifts, for sure. So much work and time invested. Just lovely.

  7. Love both of the hats. The dolls hat would be great in an adults size.

  8. Ro, the hat on the doll is sized to fit my 7 yr old grand daughter, but the book I took the pattern from has specs for an adult size as well. Maybe Grandma should have one too!!!

    Cris, nice idea regarding patenting "Allies Words".

    Thanks Carola!

    Lisa, thanks for both your comments.

    Thanks Mim. The doll clothes remind me of when my mom and aunts all knit clothes for a doll I still have today! And yes, we will all make sure Allie's world is rich in all ways including language!

    Queen Bee, many thanks.

    Katie Jane, thanks, I do love spending my time this way.

  9. Lynn - wonderful gifts you've made - your world is chock full of creativity!

  10. You make such thoughtful gifts! I would love that psychadelic hat!


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