Friday, December 30, 2011

Gifts To Myself

The adults don't exchange gifts anymore in our family, it's all for the kids.

So I gifted myself on our recent forays (1 five day and 1 four day vacations)
First I found that NEW BOOK on Noro Knits!
It knocked me out!
The patterns so unique.
The first I will tackle is this "Puzzle Scarf" seen here!

 And these are the yarns I chose in the little yarn shop in Mendocino! They are oh so soft silk and wool. I do believe I will be both warm and stunning in this beautiful creation.
 The next yarn I purchased is a Noro Sock yarn. The nice lady wound the hank into a ball using a little wooden hand cranked winder. Again this is soft and beautifully layered colors for this hat with ear flaps and
 with more than enough to also make these cabled mitts. You design where to place the cables as you see fit. That will be fun! Having just learned how to knit cables I'm excited to get to this pattern.
 I wanted to buy yarn for every pattern in the book they are all so beautiful. But they are way over budget for what I am used to paying at Michael's or Joanne's for yarn. Okay, I'm going "Big Time" for a change. Over the top!

This gorgeous yarn is bulky in weight and will make this adorable hat too! I love that the pattern calls for "dropped stitches"...something that I never know how to correct well when they do not belong there. But now I can do them on purpose! How cool is that?!
See me sitting and knitting to hearts content in the New Year!


  1. I believe in "gifting" myself for Christmas. I have been inspired by all your drawing and so I gifted myself a sketchbook and a book about drawing.

    I love the silk yarns. They look like they would smell delicious as well as taste in flavors. They really are beautiful.

  2. Fabulous gift! what good tasste you have! LOL!

    I LOVE Noro yarn and have found it for less $$$ at Wooly Baa Baa, online!

    Enjoy your yarns!

  3. I can see why you went nuts over this style.. its cool looking and the colors are gorgeous. You deserve it!!!!! look forward to seeing what you make.

  4. very very cool!

    happy new year, lynn ♥

  5. Nothing like guilt free shopping to make an adult happy. :) You so deserve to gift yourself with nothing but the best because you do so much for other Lynn. I can just see you sitting there happily knitting away with Henry pouting because he can't get into your lap because of the scarf emerging from your needles and Fred serenading you in the background. Happy Knitting...

  6. Here goes the Knit Wit again! :)


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