Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mendocino 2011

We headed north on Christmas Day, stopping first in Willits for the night; shopping the next morning at the toy store where I get art supplies.

Then on to Mendocino the windy roads through thick green forests until finally the ocean is in sight. We go to Frankie's for lunch, hot soup...a tamale...felafel's for a dinner there the next night. It's a small place reasonably priced and good healthy food.
 The sunset that first evening was nothing but spectacular. I kept running out of the shops to take more photos of it.
 The main street in Mendocino is old buildings now housing all sorts of shops across the street from the ocean.
 The ocean had more draw for me than the shops!

 Walking the village is always fun. Seeing what the locals are doing, as posted on this fence!
 A short trip further north, ten minutes away is Fort Bragg and the Town Hall where we were married in 1985. Can't go by there without taking a shot of it!
 More shots of Fort Bragg where we visit used and new bookstores, music store, yarn shop, and more.
I found a beautiful book (new) of Naro Knitting patterns that are to dye for! ;-) I also found Naro yarn, a first for me buying really good yarn, expensive yarn, beautiful hand dyed brilliant colored yarns to use to make some of the amazing patterns in that book! And I plan to make them for myself!
 In Mendo we stayed at this Hill House Bed and Breakfast. It's where a lot of "Murder She Wrote" movies were filmed with Jessica Fletcher. I found a Groupon in August for two nights stay for the price of one and scooped it up to use this Christmas week!

 Back in town where we ate at the Ocean View Cafe and I drew pictures from the deck. (I'll post them later this week).
 I like this organic grocery store in the old church building. Been there for as many years as we have been coming up here...over 30!
 But it's the ocean that draws  us beautiful, waves crashing on rocks...
 Can't seem to get enough of it.

 Doesn't the sky here look like a painting waiting to happen?!
 The drive down the coast on 101 is beautiful too, although I knit a lot on the twisty roads overlooking the ocean as the views over the tall cliffs tend to take my breath away scaring me half to death.
 At Point Arena we get out to walk around. The holiday celebrated in different ways by different folks.
 And at Bodega Bay we get out again for Clam Chowder and Sour Dough bread for a late lunch on our way home on day four!
 Finally arriving at Pampered Pets where we rescue Henry from his "Condo" there where he had three shelves to jump to and a window to look out of...but believe me he much prefers being home.
We missed him and are all three happy to be home today!

Thanks for coming along with us and letting me share; and thanks again for all your many visits here during this year, your comments when you leave them; your support and shared inspiration,
all the things that make blogging so worthwhile.
I appreciate the friendships made this way all year long.
And I look forward to the continuation of it in 2012!
Hugs from me!


  1. Those photos look lovely of the places you visited...and yes, I see one or two paintings in them. Hope you give at least one a go!

  2. Beautiful photos ... wishing you a very happy new year Lynn
    Love, Carolyn xx

  3. You had a fun trip. Lots of lovely scenery. I think you should draw and paint that courthouse where you were married. Its a charming little place. Its been a fun year in blog land.. always fun coming here and the best part has been our Friendship that developed because of it. You have grown soooo much 'Art wise' since I first met you & it's been fun watching. Looking forward to more in 2012!:))

  4. Mendo is one of my favorite places to go, I just love it. Your photos are fantastic, especially those of the ocean. You captured the mood beautifully. I enjoyed this little trip.

  5. What a wonderful trip Lynn. The ocean would draw me back again and again too if I lived near it. Your photos are fabulous.

    You have been and continue to be an inspiration to my artsy side. Thanks so much for being here. Thank you for your kind, positive support. Happy New Year.

  6. What incredible fun!! I really enjoy your photos of the beach and shops.

  7. Gosh! what a gorgeous place!!! Your ocean shots are amazing, so beautiful!!!

  8. your photos of the sea along 101 are absolutely, i forget how beautiful it is up there...lucky you to go up for a christmas week visit. happy new year to you too...and continued friendship in the coming year, i am so happy to have come to know you and watch your artistic talents come alive through your blogging. happy happy new year, my dear. xoxoxox

  9. gorgeous landscape and villages. so lovely you and DH had a vacation away from home. delightful. may next year bring you much creativity and some beautiful Nano or whatever sweaters.

  10. Your pictures are amazing and it looks like a wonderful trip!

  11. Such a wonderful trip! I am envious, as I absolutely love the ocean. Your photos make me so wistful. I wish I had a traveling companion because I would be gone in a blink. Thank you for sharing. I'll go vicariously.


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