Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fourth Night of Chanukah

 Chanukah has been especially SPECIAL to me these past seven years, as these two grand children have been in our home on this holiday since their first Chanukah here at age 3 months of age.
 My beautiful daughter sits behind the candles burning brightly!
 As the fourth night fell on the Sabbath we also lit the Shabbat candles (the 2 shorter candles in front of the menorah)  and said the blessings. My son in law is reading from a little book of prayers.
 After a simple dinner we gave gifts of the things I'd been making these past months. DD and SIL are modeling their newly knitted hats.
 This was my first attempt to knit cables and I think I did a pretty good job of it. DD found the beginning mistakes, LOL, but all totalled she liked what she wore! And I think looks quite stylish!
 SIL was not at all sure this slouch look was for him. I've given him the option to leave it with my son, who liked the style; and I can knit him something more of his liking if he wants me to. Personally, I think it looks great on him.
 My little grand daughter loved the huge flower on her hat and the fact that it went with her new sweater vest.
 My young grand son seemed pleased with his new sweater knitted by moi; but may have a bit of growing to really feel comfortable wearing it.
 I wasn't sure she loved this. I'll have to see over time. But it fit and looks very cute on her don't you think?
 The doll with matching sweater vest was a huge hit! This she loved!!!
 My grand son loved LOVED his teddy bear; he thought his crocheted hat "different" and feared he might be teased at school; but said he'd wear it with his family. Sad that kids this age are worried about being teased!

My brother was here too. But seems I did not capture him with the camera. The handmade memory pillows were a big hit too.

If you look closely you can see a new painting on my wall. It's one I bought from Soulbrush's ETSY store! It looks Divine in our living room!!! She has more that you should go check out. I now own two!

Wishing you all a smooth transition into the NEW YEAR! May you experience good health, good relationships, work if you need it, love in any form, happiness, and lots and lots of creative juices and productivity! Be good to each other and help others where and when  you can.

Thank you for being supportive friends of my blog, my art, my life this
past year~ You will never know how much you fulfill me, and inspire me.

~I look forward to more of the same in 2012~


  1. I feel as thought I have been right there with you and your family. I guess because I feel that I have spent so many birthdays and holidays with them via your blog. Thank you for this seasons blessing with your family.


  2. Happy Chanukah, Lynn. I love all your gorgeous knitted gifts. Your granddaughter looks really good in that shade of pink.

  3. It's really great fun getting to see all the knitwear on the people you've knitted for.
    And to be able to give them all in person is fabulous!
    Family. It's the best!
    Happy Chanukah Lynn!

  4. Merry Christmas dear Lynn!
    Oh all those handmade gifts are so perfect! I think the hat looks great on your SIL.
    Too bad about your grandson worries......indeed sad.
    Today we will celebrate Christmas at my brothers. My Mom will be there too.
    Enjoy Christmas.

  5. WOnderful have taken so much effort!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family, Lynn!
    May all your dreams come true!

  6. this is wonderful Lynn - such great photos and such a happy family. I think the slouch hat looks good on our SIL but it's his head!

    Happy New Year - and really - what could be better?

  7. I hope this lovely light follows you through out the new year Lynn. So happy to see your family all gathered.

  8. happy chanukah. i agree w/Becky. i feel like part of your family i've been to so many wonderful gatherings, vicariously of course.

    I LOVE your GD's vest and think it looks super and the fact that the doll has one too. Love your GS's comment about kids being sensitive to being teased. But he'll wear it at home. a diplomat already.

    all your hand made gifts are wonderful and love Soul's painting on the wall. Blessings, suki

  9. Looks amy sounds like your holidays are wonderful and happy, as it should be. I am adding my 'Happy Holidays! To add the joy.

  10. How wonderful to have so much family around during the holidays! Happy Chanukah to you - I so enjoy seeing what your family does at this time of year; different than ours but still so full of family, laughter, giving, sharing - it's really the same isn't it?! I think both kids presents are adorable - and the hats look great. My son loves those kinds of caps.

  11. Oh gosh, Lynn...thanks for the beautiful photos of all your handiwork! Your sons slouchy hat is so cool...he looks awesome in it! Your granddaughter is adorable in her sweater and the doll with matching may be just the thing to help her to love it more, eh??? Very cute idea! My grandson is the same way about being different in any way with his classmates. I suppose it is natural at that age. Everything you made was beautiful...I loved your cable stitch hat also!!!

  12. Lynn,

    Happy Chanukah.
    I loved seeing all the pictures from this trip. Your lovely family and all the wonderful hats. I truly enjoy your blog and hope you always continue to share.


  13. Oh its fun to see all the goodies you made on the recipients. Great job as usual Lynn. Eveyone looks happy. :)


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