Friday, December 23, 2011

Chanukah In Portland

You know you are a happy crazy grandma when you lovingly smell the baby spit up on your valor hoodie before throwing it into the washer after you get home from five days of letting baby drool all over you!
 Allie loved the hat I knit for her, made from the same yarn as that I made for her mommy below. Jackie liked her hat and cowl a lot and wore it out when I was there.
 Michael (grand daughter's boyfriend), Kaeli (18 yr old grand daughter and Allies' big sister) Jackie and Dan (my son) all wore their hats and mitts and cowls  assuring me they were happy with their gifts. Well truth be told my son said he'd out grown the bright colors of his earlier psychedelic days so that hat went to Kaeli's boyfriend. Dan will get another more subdued colored hat later.
 Michael and Kaeli make a cute loving couple!
And great models for their hats!
 Baby Allie gave grandma lots of close bonding time, big smiles and major loud vocalization conversations.
 Lighting the candles for first night of Chanukah was very special for me at my son's home. A first in a a very long time!
 Morning games of Patty Cake, Patty Cake were our routine and lots of smiles and laughed poured forth from both of us. Allie is laying on the kitty quilt I made for her.

And last but not least was another first. On the way to taking us to the airport to come home Allie held her bottle all by herself! Mommy was surprised. I miss her tiny fingers grasping one of my fingers while we sang and played together. Hopefully we'll return before too many more months go by.


  1. Oh, lovely to get together like that and seeing your family pics is great. Like the group photo of the Hat Family..LOL.! Have a wonderful Festive time.

  2. Beautiful family--it's the best to celebrate the Holidays with family all together like this--enjoy the season!

  3. I esp love the top and the last photos though all are wonderful with a beautiful family, festive and fun.
    Cute that your son has outgrown psychedelic colors. LOL. Happy Holiday.

  4. The lighting of the candles at your son's is one of the sweetest photos I've seen in a long time.

    Happy Chanukah, Lynn,,,

  5. Lynn, what a beautiful family! And I love all the hats.
    Happy Chanukah and kisses to Henry.

  6. Happy Chanukah, Lynn ! Light and love to you and all your Dear Ones !

  7. Oh isn't she just delicious! Everyone looks happy and wonderful. Happy holidays Lynn

  8. Love, pure love all round. happy chanukah to you all and what a blessing that little girl is. Hugs xxx

  9. You sure have all gorgeous models for those hats! The baby is so cuteeee!! Looked like the best Chanukah celebration!!! I hope you can get back to Allie again soon!!!

  10. Beautiful photos. I'm sending warm wishes for a glorious holiday season.

  11. Beautiful post Lynn. Lots of love there for sure!

    Happy hannukah and a super New Year.♥

  12. Great photos here.. your handmade gifts look great on all and the baby is so adorable. I know how hard it was to leave too.

  13. Happy Holidays Lynn! It's so much fun to see your family all wrapped up in their knitted gifts.


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