Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Hint of Where I've Been And What I've Been Up To...

On Friday last we sat in the Sacramento Airport waiting for our flight to Portland, Oregon. I find airports an ideal place to draw, as I have the time, I'm pretty relaxed, and the models are seemingly willing and able to cooperate
as they have to sit and wait too!

 Some sat and got up and sat again so I did not always end with the same perspective that I started with.

On the plane I captured the back of the guy in front of us...
 The best part of the trip of course was getting there...and at last once again being with and holding my darling grand daughter born just four short months ago. I literally drew this as she slept in my arms.
 We had five wonderful days with my son, his wife, my 18 yr old grand daughter, her boyfriend, and the little newest one (our 5th and final). I will post photos soon too and tell more details of our stay and bonding time.

But five days is not forever and once again we sat in the Portland airport this time waiting our departure flight home.
 the final page is sketchy as we finally got to board our plane...that took us quickly (an hour and 25 minutes ride) and safely home.
We picked up Henry today and he has not stopped meowing while pacing the whole house and outdoors, going in and out, out and in, trying but not yet succeeding in calming down and settling in.


  1. what a lovely trip this sounds. how lucky you are to have such a wonderful family. aw, poor Henry. Maybe he deserves a little extra cat treat??

  2. Sketches are fantastic Lynn, airports as you say, are a great place to sit and draw! Co-operative models are rare!

    Wonderful to be able to visit your granddaughter, she looks so peaceful!

  3. As always your sketches capture the event. I would have sketched at the airport too, but then I always need something to distract me from the thought of flying!

  4. Whole lotta sketching going on here! Glad you had a good trip and a safe return. Pet Henry for me.

  5. So glad you got to go up to see the baby and the family. and the sketches are fun too. Happy almost New year

  6. your sketches are just improving by the day. I would love to see a whole quilt with these on it.


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