Saturday, January 28, 2012

An Early Valentine's Day Card

I had
such fun creating this little Valentine for...

 DH and I  to send to our grand kids...You open Our white door and find DH playing his guitar
and me painting in my drawing book...

And then you open their red door and find grandson playing his drum
and grand daughter painting the people and fashions she loves to draw and paint.
 And then you open it up all the way
 and find the Valentine Love Wishes to theses two sweet little teddy bears bearing our love banner to them both.

 We four  have so much in common!

I can't wait till next month to send it. I bet I make a few more before then!


  1. What a great card!...your grandchildren will love it, especially where it is something that you have personally made, that is so special.

    1. Yes, Ann, I believe they will. They love all their hand made by me gifts! And my hope will be that it inspires them to make some of their own.

  2. Cute. I love how you both influence your Grands in positive ways with Art and Music. :)

  3. thanks for your words in my blog, and congratulations for being so hardworking and talented in all his creations.
    beti abel

  4. Now this is one interesting card, Lynn!!! I know they will love it so much!!!

  5. Thanks all for your kudos!!!

  6. This is really cute, Lynn. I'm sure it will be a big hit.

  7. A future family heirloom for sure! I'm especially impressed by your portrait of DH. You've really captured him.

  8. What a wonderful idea Lynn. your grandkids are going to love it.


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