Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Henry V Likes Rain

It's been raining here all weekend and week long so far. Henry begs to go out and will take a flying leap over the very satuated welcome mat by the back door (out his very own in-the-screen cat door) and onto the very very wet grass. He makes his usual circle around the back yard marking his territory anew each time; then he asks to come in again. He might stay in a while and then will ask to go out the front door and goes to do whatever it is he does in the front of the house. He doesn't mind how wet he gets and rarely catches cold.

If the sliding glass door is closed as it is in this photo he knocks on it to be let in.

The skies change minute to minute in this rainy weather.

You can imagine that Henry  is wishing you a very happy animal Wednesday
from this his back yard view!
He can often be seen walking along that fence top peeking between the shrubbery.


If you missed my great grandparents paintings scroll down one more post!


  1. What a cleaver boy. Hope you have a great day Henry. Great drawing.

  2. Anesha, thanks for coming by today! Glad you enjoy Henry and my drawing both!!! ;-)

  3. Are you teasing Henry...taking his picture instead of letting him in.. lol
    I thought he would be able to come and go himself thru that door. Clouds are fun to watch in a storm. YOu should have painted Henry peeking thru the fence. :)

  4. Cris is right....we need to see the *King* peeking through the fence! He is sp special! (And he knows it!)



    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Henry is a cool dude! A little bit of rain won't stop him :)


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