Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lynn Playing On Sunday!

First I finished knitting the 30 pieces for this artzy scarf!
 Then I started piecing them together in five groups of six each!
Henry helped by modeling the first group done!
 Here you see them all laid out ready to be sewn and blocked.
 And here I am wearing the finished scarf!
Artistic/Hippie Fashion Statement!
That done I decided to paint! I tried a new way. I masked off the paper first of all so my next frame- able  art would fit in a frame. These are all on 11 X 15 inch 140 lb watercolor paper. Then I slapped paint on the paper...
 and then...I used a black pen to draw the picture. This off a photo on my computer monitor of me eating gelato a week ago!
 Do you recognize this dear friend of mine?
 I don't expect you to recognize the fact that I made dinner last week. That rice was awful and it left a terrible smell in our house that lasted two whole days. The salmon was good though. I really should NOT be allowed in the kitchen. Painting food is much easier than cooking it.
 And this is the same house I painted plein air yesterday, but this time I used this new (to me) style sitting at my computer desk. Again painting and drawing as all these were from photos on the computer, paint first, then ink!

I sure had fun today! I hope you did too in one way or another!!!


  1. You are a creating machine. My goodness. That scarf looks great on you and what a lot of work you put in and then you go do all these great paintings. I recognize Patty and you. What a fun new way of painting. No pressure.. just paint and draw. Good way to learn to see. Oh and Henry makes a great model.. did you pay him?? lol

  2. oops.. that was supposed to be.. just throw on some paint and draw quickly...:))

  3. I like the idea of painting first then add the lines. It must be freeing. I like your scarf. Very hippie of you and modern all at the same time.

  4. The scarf is pretty cool and it fits both you and Henri. My daughter just took her first steps in knitting and has knitted her first scarf for one of her dools - a straight knit style, I promised her to teach how to pearl.
    Love your paintings as well, especially the house - it looks happy!

  5. You are really getting a lot done this New Years. I love the scarf. I just can't believe you have it done already. Beautiful.
    Lovely paintings. I have been wanting to try this technique also. I wonder if how thin a paper you can get away with doing a wash on.

    These are really nice. I like the house the best.

  6. Love the scarf Lynn you both look great in the photo .....xx

  7. Oh my, that scarf is awesome! Almost makes me want to learn to knit ;-)

  8. you are defintely a wonder woman. the scarf is really unusual and cool. when I used to paint/pastel etc etc it was always somehow difficult for me to remember to mask off and also to paint in sizes that could be framed by readymade frames.

  9. Cris, Henry always gets rewards for jobs well done!
    Lisa, painting this way is great fun and exciting too as you are not sure what you'll get in the end!

    Carola, I love hearing of kids knitting. Great to learn it young.
    Thanks for the kudos.

    Snail Cloth, 90lb paper is as thin as I'd go for wet painting. Even that curls up some. Glad you like my stuff!

    Artymess, thanks!!

    Mim, somehow knew you would! ;-)

    Viv, I taught myself, you can too.

    Suki, you are way too generous with your description of me, but I love it! LOL And I too hope I now remember to use this not so tacky blue tape to mask off pages to paint. It makes such a difference!

  10. Goodness! you certainly keep busy. Well done with the scarf and also well done Henry for modelling it, bless him.

  11. I just got back from work, and its so refreshing to see your sketches. I like the self portrait; and is that Allie Bel's photograph in the background? That was your best portrait yet :)

  12. Oh I love that artsy scarf, it looks like so much fun. Once again I am amazed at your beautiful watercolors. I loved seeing the self portrait in steps. I need to try that someday. A self portrait in watercolor is what I meant.

    Have a great day!

  13. I saw that scarf in a magazine and loved it! It turned out great and I love the colors you used.

  14. My God Lynn...your scarf if AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! LOved it! Ne'er seen anything like it! Really a fashion statement!!!

    Your drawings are so cool and fun...

  15. I'm just now catching up on blogs. This is a cute scarf, Lynn, but it wouldn't be very warm here in Ohio with wind chills in the single digits! :) I love the colors.
    Love all your sketches, too.


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