Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Red Tailed Hawk Circles Over My Home for Animal Wednesday and Dilemmas in Creativity

 This red tailed hawk circled around in the skies over our house this week in concentric circles over and over again. I actually used the zoom on my camera to it's full 24X optical zoom to reach him as he flew further and further away. He is here to wish you a Happy Animal Wednesday!

Today I felt grounded at Jalisco's for lunch and art making and took exactly 20 minutes over chips, guacamole and one fish taco to draw these "Three Women".

The first woman, Miss Pony Tail, on the right was my first model and I would have drawn her partner but the woman on her left came in and sat directly behind Miss Pony Tail thus obscuring my view of her and her friend. So rather than start over I put the second woman in the chair with her coat thrown over the back, as if she were sitting next to Miss Pony Tail. I did add woman #3 with dark curly hair and bright red sweater sitting across from and facing woman #2. I felt very satisfied with this drawing after having a difficult time the day before...
 Which was a day sandwiched in between the day before that when I had had a very successful feeling art day drawing portraits and other art posted one post below this one; after which I felt depleted of creative energy 110%. Does this ever happen to you? I had a really good creative rush of painting after painting gushing out over pages of watercolor papers and then it was as if the breaks went on, the river dried up and I could not draw a thing.

After experiencing these difficult feelings of abject frustration I finally sat in the late evening doing nothing for some time, watching banal meaningless TV until I  finally got out my paints and pads and doodled shapes and filled them in in this stained glass look below:
 I felt loosened up some and went on to do this "LynTangle" (others call them Zentangles):
All of which freed me up to get back in the zone today and that drawing above of "Three Women" done at Jalisco's! Whew. An interesting array of feelings we creative folks go through over time.
 Can you relate to this?


  1. Know exactly what you mean Lynn, sometimes I 'sit on my hands' as it were feeling exhausted of painting but the trouble is I then miss it and go 'all out' (which I am at the moment) painting loads. Love your 'stained glass' sketch with all those gorgeous colours - it cheered me up:)

  2. Oh yes, sometimes I can't even walk into my room and turn on the computer or pick up a brush. Not to fear. It is just Mz Muse taking some time off.

  3. The red tailed hawk is the creature I associate with my Dad, who has passed. Feels like I had a little visit from him here, so thanks for that !

    Experiencing the waves of life through my art is one of the things I love best about being an artist. In the end, I know I am creating just what my heart wants to create !
    Happy Wednesday and happy Creating!

  4. What a beautiful Hawk. Great shot. I have heard that doing doodles, circles or Zens will release blocks. Good thing you did because you did a great job at the restaurant drawing again. Would be fun to see that in color. Yes I have blocks. I think everyone does. Sometimes we just have to refill the well of creativity or do some doodles. :)

  5. I have noticed your over abundance of creativity lately - I've been wondering how you just keep going and going. I have creative days and then I have stretches where I don't feel like doing anything creative at all. For me it's in my mind. If my brain is overwhelmed with other thoughts (work, stress, taxes, etc) I can't think about art.

  6. Yep.
    All the time.
    I like your Lynntangle a lot!

  7. That's exactly when I start painting a stone (lately) .... I haven't seen you quilting much ... Maybe that would be a good brain break ... And tv is ok ... Don't feel guilty about that ... You aren't a machine!

  8. you know, the creative muse is a sensitive creature and needs to have a break now and then so your creative well (to be cliche about it) can refill. It's okay. just hard maybe to sit out the transition.

  9. Wonderful picture of that Majestic hawk!
    And yes sometimes the creative flow is better than other days:)
    Had a good time too. Worked on my painting in the art group and worked on my mandala tonight.

  10. This happens to me very often. A few days full of creativity when I can't work fast enough, and then the river has run dry and NOTHING creative is being done. (That is the time when I start getting my house in order).
    The photo fo the hawk is marvelous. I love it when they circle over our house.

  11. Everytime I finish a project I face that "dead zone". Hate it, so am now keeping a list of things I want to draw/sculpt etc just to remind myself.

    Love the hawk, and HAW


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