Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drawing Muse Returns, More Questions

Does this ever happen to you?
You draw something you are really happy about and then you think but the nose is not quite right so you add one or  more lines of ink and it's RUINED?
Can you see the white-out (band aid) I applied here?
I tried as best I knew how to correct an ink drawing and am happy again, or  happier...but
please inner muse KNOW WHEN TO STOP!!!!
I drew this gal from the cover of a knitting book I got last weekend
in this elegant over-sized cabled caplet.
Now wondering if I am brave enough to try and actually knit it!
I went to Jalisco's today
for lunch and there was only this one lone customer eating at the counter
when I arrived. So I sat facing the counter, a new direction for me there
and drew this in 20 minutes!

My new friend, Carlos, who is the owner's son and an artist in his own right, greeted me warmly and as there wasn't much work to do yet came to chat a bit. He asked to see what I was doing and then went on to look at all the drawings in my book. He was I believe a bit amazed at how quickly I worked, he said as much; and he was generous with his praise of my drawings. Thank you Carlos. Carlos has a web site here: Check him and his work out! He is a very talented young man, artist, actor, animator. Go see!!! You can tell him I sent you!

I then proceeded to draw Carlos when he sat to eat his lunch at the same spot the other customer had since vacated at the counter. You can compare the two for their differences. The perspectives were a bit changed; but also some things got in one drawing and not in another. Again, this was done in 20 minutes. Black ink on 90 lb drawing paper.


And finally this is the view out a window in our living room I drew yesterday late afternoon. A winter scene with bare branches reaching up to a blue gray cloudy sky. But you can't tell that as it's all in black ink only!
We've been promised rain here; and as I left my office a short while ago it must have sprinkled as my car was wet; but still waiting for the storm! We need it. Been dry here since end of December.
What's it like where you are?


  1. Great sketches Lynn. I hate drawing people. They always look so weird. I can't wait to see the cape you knit.

  2. Lisa drawing them from the back saves me a lot of that. But even the drawing of Carlos does not do his profile justice. People just have to realize I am not drawing photographic quality people but DRAWINGS in MY style!!!! ;-) And I hope that's understood and okay.

    I'll let you know if I decide to tackle that caplet.

  3. Well no wonder you wanted to save this girl drawing. Its awesome. Look at all the detail in the cape. wow. Almost like a Zen or Lyntangle. :)) That will be hard to knit I bet. wow. Love the Jalasco drawings. Its amazing what you do get in only 20 minutes.

  4. the first drawing is just amazing. the contrast between the simple figure and her more complexly drawn hair and clothes is just beautiful.

  5. Regardless of an error your drawing of the girl is really good, and all that DETAIL too in the cape, wow.

  6. Lynn that first drawing is lovely - I think the jumper looks like a 'Lyntangle' too. It looks a tough one to knit though.
    I love your 20 minute drawings and your style. How good to have a fellow artist in the cafe.

  7. You draw in ink first! Very brave -I always start in pencil. Anyway all fun and lovly

  8. I always love your ink drawings! They're wonderfully spontaneous and so full of movement!

    I know what you mean about knowing when to stop. I still think you did a fine job on the woman. Noses are hard!

  9. Sunny and cold here, but getting up to a balmy 48 today, that is T shirt weather here LOL.
    These are wonderful drawings and the one of the trees is my favorite, love the strange perspective! xoxo

  10. drawing people is so hard!! I would have given her a mustache :)

    I just think it is so cool how you are making connections as you step out and do what you love .... I'm off to say hello to Carlos now :)

  11. More great sketches. I need to get out more so that I have some new subject matter. I'm anxious to see the new cape.

  12. Someone told me once never to rub or delete a mistake but rather to incorporate it in the picture by adding other what? Maybe she could've had a nose stud?? LOL


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