Saturday, January 21, 2012

Women in Knits A Series; Winter in Watercolor

It looks like I am onto a new series of drawings with this my second and third drawings in ink from the new knitting pattern book. These women are so comfortable in their outfits they really draw me in.
The top one is a knit skirt that I think my 18 yr old grand daughter might like.
And I am sure she'd love the over sized sweater with it's big cuffs she could pull down over her hands and extra loose cowl neck. It might not be too difficult to make either.

 This morning it is looking gray and dreary outside my kitchen window after our first rain of over a month! Much needed rain I might add. Looking out over my computer monitor I saw this scene of gray-blue sky with silhouetted trees and recently trimmed bushes in mine and my back neighbors yard.
A tiny bit of fastly fading purple velvet sage remains in front.
I painted this in my small 7" X 10" watercolor book on 140 lb paper; wet on wet, then after it dried I drew with black ink Faber Castell PITT artist pen size F. And as you can see I masked the edges first with not very tacky blue masking tape leaving a nice clean white border.

Looking out now I can see some birds in the trees. There must be lots of worms on the wet grass for them too. I like a rainy day. Staying inside. Looking out...
While I wait for a man to come to come and  pick up the truck we are donating to the American Breast Cancer Society today. A very good friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer. This is for you Lisa. Hugs.


  1. love seeing your drawings! saying a prayer for your friend xx

  2. Such wonderful drawings--it's so natural for you.
    Hope all will turn out well for your ftiend.

  3. prayers for your friend.

    i too love the watercolor. delicate colors. evocative. and so professional with the taped edges. LOL

  4. These are all great but I LOVE the second girl. I love her attitude. Its interesting that you did all the details while watching TV as you told me. I find that drawing with something else going also helps me draw details. Calms down the left side of the brain that is saying I CANT DO THIS.

  5. Wow! These are fantastic sketches! Almost zentangle-like in the designs. Yes, these clothes would be fun to make and wear.

  6. I am loving your pen sketches from your knitting book, and yes it does look like you have a series going on here. So sorry about your friend, I wish her well.

  7. wonderful, lynn....i have been offline for awhile but you have been very busy! i think you are very brave with that black ink of yours! i love that knitted? skirt too...

    i am so sorry to read of your friend...many prayers. xoxo

  8. These drawings are so cheery- love 'em. sigh- wishing your friend strength...

  9. I love your new adventures in ink. You're really capturing all the textures of those sweaters in your drawings. Good job!

  10. The textures of the clothes have come out really well. It never fails to amaze me how well you capture faces and expressions :)


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