Monday, January 23, 2012

Still Drawing, Painting and Football

This from the cover of my new Noro Knit book I bought in Mendocino over the holidays. I would like to make this hat with it's dropped stitches if I can figure out the pattern. (Watercolor on ink on 140lb watercolor paper; masked off border. This painting got paint first, then ink.)

It was a laid back weekend at our house; I did some house cleaning; I started reading Sarah's Key and now I am finding it difficult to put it down; I found time to draw and paint; and I watched FOOTBALL! I've never been a true fan of any sports, but this weekends games included one where Boston's Patriots won their playoff game (My Son-in-law is from Boston so I knew he was screaming with joy at their house); and our local San Francisco Forty Niners were in a play off against the New York Giants. My husband enjoys the games and he was yelling at the players on the TV and I got caught up in the action and excitement of it all. I was getting email comments from my son in Portland, Oregon and I knew my best friend Patty, who is a huge fan was enthralled as we were at her house. So it was almost as if we were all watching it together in the same place.

Then the game went into OVERTIME with a tied score and IF SF had won they'd have played next week in the Super Bowl Big Game! However, they made some pretty egregious mistakes and the NY G's made the final winning touch down to our great disappointment here. And the rest, as they say is history. Disappointment, sigh!

I went on to watch American Idol, I love supporting all the young talented kids on that show. And then I took my book to bed and read late into the night.

Like I said, a pretty laid back weekend, and fun, except for losing the game.
How was it where you are?


  1. This is a fun drawing/painting. Love that hat with the butterfly on it. love how you did her hair too. Sounds like a nice laid back weekend until that exciting game. :) Games are more fun when they are neck to neck in scores. Sorry your team lost.

  2. what a nail biter of a game with the Pats. Wow! now it's my old home team vs my current home team - woohoo!!!

  3. lynn, i'm fascinated by her hat and hair. i keep thinking you are doing something you haven't done before, sketching and painting like this, and you just zentangle your way into good designs :^)

    rooting for the pats, here. my little mr. ryan is rooting for them too. "First down!" i heard him yell yesterday. whaaaat? i said to myself? he's barely five :^)

    enjoy the moments, lynn. i know you are.


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