Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Animal Weds And Friends Surgery Day

Henry and I are sending lots of positive healing energy today to our friend, Lisa
 who is undergoing surgery today. If you can please send the same for a speedy recovery her way.

I did the journal page below a few weeks ago.  Lisa and I met ten years ago on an online site different from my blog or any art stuff. We've kept up with each others lives there ever since. She only lives about three hours from here so we've met three times in person over that time; and I plan to go visit her again after she's home from the hospital.
 Lisa, these flowers are all for YOU!!!

Soon we will be sitting together over tuna sandwiches again!
 Love and hugs from all of us here.


  1. hAW to you and best wishes to your friend. Love the drawing of the two ofnyou and love the truck drawing

  2. Hope your friend's operation goes well. Love your Henry, so cute and great journal page. :)

  3. Henry has a real look of concern on his face. I am sending positive thoughts to your friend Lisa. What beautiful flowers you have for her too. HAW.

  4. what a great journal page!You're a good friend to think of her this way.Thankyou for visiting me, and for your kind words.
    Those flowers are beautiful.

  5. Best wishes to Lisa. I hope all goes well. Lovely journal page dedicated to her too.

  6. Lynn,

    This is a sweet post. Sending lots of love and hugs to Lisa and kisses to Mr. Henry.xoxo

  7. I am saying prayers that Lisa has a speedy and full recovery, I KNOW seeing these gorgeous Spring Flowers AND King Henry's adorable face (and tail) will put a smile on her face!

    Hugs to you and *The King*!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. Add me into sending the good wishes to your friend...hope all goes well for her and good healing follows. Not being a person who follows a particular religion (sorry Lynn), but I do follow what I feel is an overall Belief that we are here to work and help each other....and so my Thoughts for Healing are being sent.

  9. I've met some great people through the internet that I normally would not have met. Your friendship with Lisa is an example of the same. Wishing her a speedy recovery so the two of you can hook up again over another tuna sandwich.
    I've been meaning to tell you how much I love your new header of the old truck. Fabulous work!

  10. hope all went well for Lisa. your truck sketch is the greatest! and wow, daffodils in bloom already!

  11. Thank you ALL so very much for your good thoughts for Lisa's recovery and healing. I appreciate it all and will share this with Lisa, as I know she will appreciate it too. I believe that all kinds of positive energy/thoughts/prayers all work to aid people in getting better, doesn't matter who or what your "belief system" is.

    Thanks too for the kudos' on that old truck I painted. Glad you like it, me too! ;-)

    And enjoy the flowers from my garden.

  12. That's a great sketch, Lynn. I do hope your friend bounces back quickly and that the two of you will be digging into tuna sandwiches again soon. Beautiful flowers! Nothing blooming here yet. Maybe some snow this afternoon.


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